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CHOCOLOPE & CHILL: Sativa from a new dispensary to start my morning move!

By @potspoon on 12 Oct 2019.
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Good Morning from Delaware!

Today is the first of 3 weekends that I will be traveling from Wilmington where I love with a car full of stuff I should have donates an hour and a half downstate to “slower lower” Delaware where Good Time Johnny, Mr. Dype, & Fat Girl will be moving!

But first…let smoke some weed 👍

CHOCOLOPE 11.7-24.2%


A new dispensary location opened up near me.

Columbia Care has been in my state for well over a year with its first location opening in Smyrna, DE (about 45 mins South).


I have used them twice before for quick grams or pre rolls when traveling but this new location is closest to my current home.


They are an established company with locations all over the US and one of the first companies hooking themselves up with the CNC CARD.

Currently available in multiple markets, the CNC card will enable cannabis consumers and dispensaries nationwide to transact electronically using credit in all of Columbia Care’s markets by the end of 2019 First legal, transparent and highly scalable credit card solution available to fast-growing $23B US cannabis industry. Successful pilot program in New York has average basket size increase of 18% for patients using their CNC card in place of other forms of payment

People who know more than me please give me feedback to better understand this card??

The dispensary looks just like the picture. And the selection of flower is much greater than my standard spot.

Let’s take a look…


This product is advertised to treat symptoms of:

headaches Anxiety, Stress, Depression Appetite Enhancer


It is a 95/5 SATIVA

A nice strain for early morning movement and some anxiety control.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE indicas but unfortunately they are ALWAYS an anxiety trap for me if I’m already in a high risk anxiety situation.


I can definitely taste the chocolate flavor in this strain which makes me happy because my limited taste buds!

Effects listed on the dispensary menu as:

cerebral, creative, euphoric, uplifting, energizing

My effects are similar. I feel very focused, motivated, in control, and purposeful!


I was also able to talk to both dispensary’s. At First State Compassion I requested them to start producing GELATO, AS WELL AS well ”salad bowls” @daddydaycare2x and they absolutely went for it calling it a “potluck” which they have had in the past using pre rolls only.

At Columbia Care, I was able to grill them about accurate THC values (as opposed to the ranges) and why they don’t have terpenes. They of course said they were working in including terpenes in their labels.

Another observation for anyone #DELAWAREMMP member is that (as expected) vap pens and carts are decreasing. At first state a battery was $25 and a vape cart was $70/gram. Right now the vape carts at First State are only $50 and they are discontinuing the current Jupiter batteries. They are switching battery producers and will be providing 1 free battery to each MMP patient who has already purchased a Jupiter pen. They are totally out of the 1 gram INDICAs but state they have plenty of gram SATIVAS as well as .5 indicas, OR, and Eran A.

At Columbia Care, a battery is $10 and a gram cart is $60. They do not have strains separated at all and you can only get an indica/Sativa mixed cartridge.

Hope everyone is having great time wherever you are! PEACE FROM THE EAST ✌️

Here we go!