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Reasons Why Cannabis Is Still Growing Fertile in ATJEH

By @zulfahrizal1 on 20 Aug 2019.
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Hello guys how are you all I want to share news about cannabis on ATJEH Remote areas, having complicated access indeed make it difficult for residents to develop economically. The reason is difficult to spread marketing, even though the potential for abundant income. Large shipping costs and long trips make the goods vulnerable to damage.

That is enough to attract the population to produce goods that are sellable and not easily damaged, even if the law does not legalize. Like the District of Gayo Lues, ATJEH,

which is famous for “green tobacco”, a delicate term for cannabis, which until now has not been extinct. So if marijuana is famous in Aceh, then in Aceh, Gayo Lues is the mother, they say.

The quality of cannabis produced by Gayo Lues is not in doubt. It could even be said to be first-class quality. I believe that at school, during a drug eradication event, one of the speakers said or convey the assessment of strangers, “The Best Marijuana in the World … there is here, Gayo Lues,” they were so impressed. But, yo, you over-label that if weed grows in the yard, period!

Honestly, I and maybe my friends who are still unstable, are quite proud to hear that confession. Prevention messages delivered with the intention of wanting to try. And bablas one hour (a cigarette) has made me fly, after that I raised the flag of surrender and until now never again. Due to severe consumption that goes “crazy” is enough reason that it is indeed crazy.

Obviously we (especially the government) really understand that this object cannot be legalized in Indonesia. The ban is based on Law No. 8 of 1976, concerning the ratification of the 1961 single narcotics convention and the protocol that changed it.


But there are exceptions to Law No. 35 of 2009, about Narcotics. Marijuana is included in group I narcotics. In Article 7, Narcotics is only used for the benefit of health services and / or science and technology. Even though there are exceptions in the other article, still through a permit and limited cultivation or production.


If from the rumors of a coffee shop (but its validity is true), some of Gayo Lues residents produce cannabis up to hectares (unlimited). And obviously without going through the actual permit process from the government, because the marketing is hidden, even though there are government bastards, uh, it means that government officials play in it or it could even be funded. For example (from the story) in the marketing process there are those who have to travel for days through the Kapi Forest, before finally reaching North Sumatra.

Already tired tired of shoulder (known as Bejangkat), even some can not sip the results that he said glamorous. Because the people who are members of a complex syndicate often end up playing cheats. So it can only be tired and usually only massage the chest. I don’t want to sue because it is prohibited. Except maybe in the uncertain akherat court (because there is also the story of the Ustad being the mastermind).

It is not legal, so it must be clandestine and often controlled, the easy process automatically makes no sense as an excuse. So, what are their reasons? I am confused.

Did the government in Gayo Lues ban it? Clear! Needless to say, Gayo Lues is also one of the districts of Indonesia. The number of similar doubts ever made BNN crazy.

Thank you until here first my post about marijuana in ATJEH, if you like my post, don’t forget to give your support and comments yes #Marijuana #Smoke #ATJEH #Canabis #Garden

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