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Qwiso grapefruit

By @freshdabs on 16 Oct 2019.
Tags: dabs, homegrown, homemade, dabbing, shatter,
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Today i did a qwiso (quick wash iso) 100% alchohol wash on my super iced grape fruit sugar leaves.


Started out with sugar leaves in a jar them wash with alchohol for 40 seconds. ( If u wash if for to long it pulls the crap you dont want out of ya material and make your end product taste horrible.) Pour into coffee filter to clean up the mix.



Once filtered.. pour your alchohol wash into glass baking bowl so you can cook off the alchohol. I use an electric frying so there is no flames involved.


Cook all alchohol away on a very low temp as not to burn your oil. Took about 2.5 hours to cook off slowly to then be left with only the oil in the bowl.


Scrap up the oil while glass bowl is warm and place on baking paper.


Once on baking paper. Place it back into electric frying pan to slowly boil off any excess alchohol. I normally wait till it stops bubbling.

Leave to rest for a day and its good to dab away.




Time for a tester dab.. Toke up peoples.. 😁

homegrown #homemade #dabbing #shatter

Notes: dont use a flame because alchohol is flamable. Do in a well ventilated area or open windows and use fans to move the air out. SAFETY FIRST 😁😁👍👍