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Quick grow update, day 7 of flower.

By @rawpride on 26 Oct 2019.
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So a lot has happened. Things have improved quite a bit, the plants are looking a lot healthier and happier overall. I’ve done a pretty good job about filling the space up. The canopy is fairly even, the tops with about a 6 inch range between them. I’ve mostly dealt with the fungus gnats. I employed some Predator Mites to go after them, which has severely reduced the gnats numbers. I added the Fire OG’s into the 4x4 tent today ending the quarantine.

Slight drooping

We’re seeing a slight drooping in these first two pictures, and it looks like over watering, based on what everyone has told me over watering looks like. These plants are under watered. They have gotten like this every time I’ve gone 48 hours or longer without watering.

Quick perk up

You can see how quickly they perked up just a few hours after watering. The perkiness is moving up to the tops of the plants. I will probably let them get a little bushy over the next week before I give them a week 2 defoliation.

Webcam view

Here is a view from the webcam. They are looking good in there. It looks quite full. You can see from the overhead view there’s a bit of empty space, but not much once the walls suck in from the exhaust. I’m hoping for a good stretch over the next 2-3 weeks. It has begun.