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Quebec Kush balanced hybrid - A Harvest from Another Buddy

By @jackdub on 10 Dec 2019.
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This Buddy doesn’t smoke, but he grew four plants this summer - just because he could. His wife wanted the drying plants out of the garage, I was lucky enough for him to give them to me - he knows I’m a smoker.


He said the strain was Quebec Kush, I haven’t been able to find much info about them, this may just be a regional strain. I did find a Quebec Gold strain that sounds very similar.


The Harvest

The four plants he grew on his deck, about two feet tall each, decently bushy. After I trimmed, dried, and cured the buds, the total weight of the small sticky buds was 3.5 ounces.


Scent and Flavor

The buds have a sweet fruity herbal mint and slightly pungent scent to them with a sweet dank herbal fruity minty diesel pine spice flavor - fresh and mouth tingling minty pine terpenes.


The Effects

Feels like a balanced hybrid - smooth day buzz with just the right ammount of cushion and face numbing euphoric energy zing, mind slightly hazy.

A tasty balanced strain for the day buzz collection. Have you ever heard of Quebec Kush?

Have a great day!

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