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PURPLE KUSH pure indica Evening Smoke with Hornet's GRAPE flavored papers - Well Cushioned, Relaxed, Cheerful

By @jackdub on 22 Sep 2019.
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Rolled up a king size evening smoke with Purple Kush buds and Hornet’s Grape flavored papers. Smooth and laid back buzz - well cushioned, relaxed, and cheerful. The Grape flavored rolling papers burned smooth with the buds - sweet grape berry with a light pine spice flavor.

PURPLE KUSH pure indica

The Purple Kush pure indica strain was created with the crossing of the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strains (Source). These Purple Kush buds have a smooth 23% THC with 1.66% Linalool, 1.53% Myrcene, 1.25% Caryophyllene oxide, 1.07% Humulene, 1.01% alpha-Pinene, 0.27% Caryophyllene, and less than 0.01% of the beta-Pinene, Limonene, Terpinolene terpenes (Source).

fullnugbottomsideshine.jpg fullnugleafbloompurp.jpg

Purple Kush Looks

The Purple Kush buds have dark and light greens with vibrant purples, dainty bright orange pistils, and a resinous coating of amber and white trichomes.

fullnugtopshineer.jpg fullnugbackbloomshine.jpg

Purple Kush Scent

There’s a sweet and sour grape with sweet earthy diesel spice vapor scent to the Purple Kush buds.

fullnugleafbueaty.jpg fullnugpurpshine.jpg

Purple Kush Effects (Source)

Effects - Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy. May Relieve - Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, PTSD, Stress.
fullnugbottompurp.jpg fullnugleafpurp.jpg

Juicy Jay’s Grape flavored hemp papers

Rolled up the Purple Kush buds with Hornet’s Grape flavored king size papers - they have the scent and sweet flavor of grape juice, quality flavor. Decently thin papers, i’m guessing 14 g/m² - they have purple grape bunches and green grape leaf graphics printed on them.

grapedubnugspack.jpg splitnugtopbest.jpg


grinderpacked.jpg grindagetoprollready.jpg


rolledup284.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/450093207657906196/624785106942558209/20190920_215223.gif

Purple Kush with Grape flavor

Sweet grape flavor on the lips from the paper, 9:20PM was the First Toke… Sweet grape juice pine berry flavor with a light spice on the tail end - smooth and bright toke. Mind excited from the terpenes, light body buzz. Cheeks, brow, and upper forehead numbing gently. Euphoria gently flowing up from the solar plexus, chest lightly cushioned, cheeks lightly buzzing. Sweet grape juice aftertaste, nice.

micropurpcake.jpg microsplitbeautyamberbud.jpg

Purple Kush effects

5 Minutes After First Toke, Second Toke… Sweet grape juice berry pine with a light spice flavor - sweet, bright, and sparkling. Brain gently cushioned, mind sparkling with smooth euphoric energy, body relaxed and cushioned, euphoria bubbling up from the solar plexus, smooth body buzz.

microsplitlilpurp.jpg microsplitbloomwide.jpg

10 Minutes After First Toke…

Third Toke… Sweet grape juice pine berry light spice flavor, terpenes tickling the nose with that toke. Mind lightly excited with euphoria from the terpenes, eye lids relaxed and slightly puffy. Euphoria flowing up from the solar plexus, smooth body buzz with light cushion. Face numbed, the mind is relaxing, sly perma-grin.

microsplitgrindagetop.jpg microsplittopnug.jpg

20 Minutes After First Toke…

Fourth Toke… The sweet grape pine berry spice flavors were darker with that toke. Mind and body relaxed, cushioned - eye lids relaxed and puffy, perma-grin. Buzzing lightly with smooth euphoria. Decent mind focus, cheerful - good creative energy.

microsplitpistilpodsbest280.jpg https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmUpZKMPE4G1jCMibTSBxrzLXsfDW6expgACK8Y9asFShW/smoke_GIF.gif

2-1/2 Hours After First Toke…

Smooth and laid back buzz from the Purple Kush tokes - cushioned, relaxed, and cheerful. The Grape flavored rolling papers burned smooth with the buds- sweet grape berry with a light pine spice flavor. I’ll save these Purple Kush pure indica buds for relaxing afternoon and evening tokes.

Have a great day!

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