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Prizes are In and categorizes are picked - Smoke.io Cannabis Grow Cup - Post 3

By @grow-challenge on 14 Apr 2019.
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Prizes are in

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A special shout out to @highroadseeds for the amazing seed donations for the first ever smoke. io cannabis grow cup. The strains that are up for grab are some awesome sounding strains.

  • 20190414-091848
  • 20190414-091858
  • 20190414-091839
  • You can check out their profile here @highroadseeds


    This was a hard choice as I was not sure what kinda would be used the most but I have decided to start with the following.

  • Outdoor Regular
  • Outdoor Auto

  • Indoor .5 gallon Regular
  • Indoor .5 gallon Auto
  • Indoor 3 Gallon Regular
  • Indoor 3 Gallon Auto
  • Indoor 5 Gallon Auto

  • Each category will receive a 5 seed pack plus other prizes. I was hoping the poster and logo would have gone better as I got 0 ZERO entry's I was kinda shocked and disappointed at the same time. I was hoping that I would have got some logos to pick from but I guess that was not the case.

    I am going to be running a LOGO only contest to see if I can get some entries for that. If I do not get any here on smoke I will have to look elsewhere for the logo to be made.

    I have yet to decide how this can be judged fair, I do know so far one the spots for the judge will be @highroadseeds. I think it is going to be judged on appearance as weight is hard to go by. I mean this whole cup is going to rely on the honour system in the first place. Maybe I should change the rules and make it have to be live streamed, the only issue with that is it limits who can join.

    Follow for the next post about how to enter and how long you will have to enter, Please go share the news offchain with other cannabis people, Remember it is EVERYONE's job to help smoke grow

    grow #smokecup #growcup #cannabiscup