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PINK KUSH 90/10 indica dominant with CHOCOLATE flavored papers - Solid Relaxation, Cheerful Euphoria

By @jackdub on 15 Sep 2019.
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Hey all, had an evening smoke with Pink Kush buds and Chocolate flavored rolling papers. Solid mind and body relaxation and cushion - calm and cheerful euphoria, decent mind focus. Sweet berry vanilla chocolate pine flavor with a light spice on the tail end, tasty.

PINK KUSH indica dominant

The Pink Kush 90/10 indica dominant strain is believed to be a variety of OG Kush (Source). These Pink Kush buds have a smooth 20% THC with 3.11% Caryophyllene oxide, 1.13% Humulene, 0.79% alpha-Pinene, 0.20% Myrcene, 0.16% Caryophyllene, and less than 0.01% of the Linalool, beta-Pinene, Limonene, and Terpinolene terpenes (Source).

fullnugsideCOVer.jpg fullnugtopleaf.jpg

Pink Kush Looks

The Pink Kush buds have dark and light greens, mats of spindly dark and light orange pistils (Pink Kush got it’s name from having pink pistils, not so much with this batch, maybe redish), and a thick and resinous coating of white trichomes.

fullnugsideleafCake.jpg fullnugendleaf.jpg

Pink Kush Scent

There’s a sweet candy-like, berry, floral, earthy, and light vanilla scent from the Pink Kush buds - reminiscent of cream soda.

fullnugtopcake.jpg fullnugfrontleafshine.jpg

Pink Kush Effects (Source)

Effects - Body High, Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy. May Relieve - Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Inflammation, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Mood Swings, PTSD, Stress.


Hornet’s Chocolate flavored rolling papers

Reached for Hornet’s Chocolate flavored king size rolling papers for the Pink Kush tokes. Decently thin papers, I’m guessing the paper weight is 13g per m². The papers have brown dvoe chocolate graphics printed on the outside - classic knock off style. They have a sweet chocolate scent and flavor to them - quality flavor.

fullnugtoppack.jpg splitnugtop.jpg

Pink Kush bud grindage

grinderpacked.jpg grindageangle.jpg


grindagerollready.jpg rolledup.jpg


rolledsparkready296.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/450093207657906196/622139358484365332/20190913_143842.gif

Pink Kush flavor

Sweet chocolate flavor from the papers, 2:10PM was the First Toke… Sweet berry chocolate and vanilla flavors with a slighty pungent pine spice on the tail end - sweet and spicy smooth chocolate aftertaste.

microsplitleafbloom.jpg microsplitleafwides.jpg

Pink Kush effects

Fast acting effects, brain cushioned, mind and body relaxing - cheeks, brow, upper forehead numbing. Gentle uplifting buzz, eye lids relaxing slightly. Euphoric energy gently flowing up from the solar plexus, cushioning the chest - sly perma-grin.

microsplittopshine.jpg microsplittoppistil.jpg

*5 Minutes After First Toke…

Second Toke… Sweet berry chocolate pine with a light spice on the tail end - smooth chocolate and sweet citrus aftertaste. Mind and body relaxed, front of the brain and chest well cushioned, body lightly buzzing - decent mind focus. Eye lids slightly relaxed and puffy, euphoria flowing up from the solar plexus - calm and cheerful perma-grin. Smooth euphoria with body cushion.

microsplittopleafbeauty.jpg microsplittopbud.jpg

15 Minutes After First Toke…

Third Toke… Sweet berry chocolate citrus pine with light spice - smooth flavor. Breathing and heart rate accelerated slightly from that toke. Solid relaxation and cushion, decent mind focus, euphoric and creative mind energy, brain cushioned - chest and body buzzing nicely, eye lids lightly relaxed, perma-grin.

microsplittopbudpistils.jpg microsplitbeuuty2.jpg

25 Minutes After First Toke, Fourth and Fifth Tokes…

microsplitpodleafs288.jpg https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQme2HhhrtuUfR3K3Lc7C6BATG8ToYDADc6WePuqLVqBWKS/smoke_GIF.gif

3 Hours After First Toke…

Solid mind and body relaxation and cushion from the Pink Kush tokes - calm and cheerful euphoria, decent mind focus. Sweet berry vanilla chocolate pine flavor with a light spice on the tail end, the Chocolate paper flavor paired well with the Pink Kush. I’ll reserve these buds for relaxed afternoons and evenings.

Have a great day!

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