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Pineberry PR-Starseed Botanicals

By @asasai on 17 Nov 2019.
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Hey guys, just wanted to finally do my review of the Starseed Botanicals-Pineberry Private Reserve CBD flower! So let’s start with some #CBDNugporn! https://i.imgur.com/4256We0.jpg https://i.imgur.com/qKUUbEj.jpg https://i.imgur.com/W2lxX6n.jpg https://i.imgur.com/0LjHO4c.jpg

Upon opening the jar, I smell pine accompanied by an earthy almost skunky berries smell. The buds look great and I am glad that I came through with the pictures before I started to vape it. Resinous buds with the slight frost of the trichomes. Although not as dense and compact, it has pleasant green colors with orange and purple hues.

I took a 15 second hit on my MV1 and after the slight half coughs I did from the potency of the vapor in the back of my throat, I can instantly feel a relaxed feeling. A wrap-around feeling around my head, especially the temples. My arms feel slightly heavier and more relaxed as I type this. The taste was amazing. I couldn’t exactly pin-point it all, but I can DEFINITELY taste the pine flavors, as they are still reminiscent in my mouth. Starseed Botanicals always has this certain smell to its house strains that I have LOVED ever since trying the P19. Just one hit and that’s all I needed, really. Might go for another one here in a bit. I have actually had to have a tolerance break for CBD as every time I vaped some I literally felt nothing. But I was always mixing it into my connect flower to extend my connect flowers’ existence in the jars in case of hard(connect dry/connect-less lol-which we’ve had recently these past 6 months) times. This experience was quite pleasant. It might have been enhancing the connect flower hit from about an hour ago, so I will probably try this again in the morning before vaping anything else to see if I still feel the same effects. At only 11.37% CBD, this sure packs a punch! It’s a sure reminder that just because the percentage is low it doesn’t mean it’s not going to render any effects or benefits!

Upon taking another hit from the same crucible I feel the bandanna effect on my head get stronger, with a strong effect around the temples again. I feel really relaxed, enough to probably head to bed as I should. Lol My focus is great right now. Not gonna lie guys, as I stood up and walked around I literally felt sort of, I don’t know…the head change is just amazing!

I awoke this morning and took a nice fresh first of the day vape session with only Pineberry PR in my crucible to see if the effects from the night before were just an enhancement from the previous crucible hits of regular connect flower. The results were great! I indeed noticed the head change, along with the heaviness in my arms. I also had a great mood enhancer with this. I am not a morning person, and waking up at 10AM with a stiff lower back literally sets me in a usually grumpy mood.

Overall, I liked this strain of CBD flower! I usually like a more prominent citrus, skunky smell and flavor for Cannabis in general but this was certainly nice. Vaping it in the MV1 without the bubbler this morning, the earthy more berry flavors came out.

Here are my ratings(1-10): Effects: 8-Great effects for the 11% CBD.

Taste: 7-While pleasant in the bubbler attachment for my MV1, I didn’t quite get the same flavors when using without and after just three hits it tasted almost burnt.

Smell: 8-The smell was great overall.

Appearance: 8-It wasn’t as frosty as I had hoped for it to be, but hey-it’s CBD flower in it’s early years here in the U.S.

Just want to note that just because I stated the effects for me, it doesn’t mean everyone will all have the same effects. Different bodies, different effects. You might also have a high tolerance to CBD and you might not feel anything. I know my partner says he doesn’t feel anything and the hemp taste is a turn off. I actually don’t mind it. It helps me conserve my THC Cannabis whenever I feel the need to vape my lungs out. I ordered some more CBD flower from Starseed, almost went with a more expensive website to see how it compares but I literally have no source of income for my habits at the moment so I ordered the new strain on their website(that was definitely less expensive, $90 vs $150 for 14Gs), “Cosmic Cherry” essentially Cherry Wine. So hopefully that order will arrive soon so I can review that as well!

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