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Pheno Hunting #2 - Purple BLK and Sherbet

By @dank on 26 Aug 2019.
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These are some Blueberry Kush F2 generation plants from my stock that I am flowering out to get a better understanding of phenotype expressions.

Purpl BlueberryKush Phenohunting (3).JPG Purps Blueberry Kush Spearbud.JPG This plant creates beautiful purple lines in the calyx and also around the edges of the leaves. My photos don’t really do these girls justice, smell on this one is very strong blueberry muffin.

Purple Blueberry Kush.JPG Purple Blueberry Kush - Aug 20  2019.JPG This girl received a bit of pollen from one of her siblings to create a IBL, and hopefully preserve this beautiful plant with its rock solid gumball buds, smell is blueberry muffin but there is also something sweet like grape bubblegum developing.

Video of her at the moment - https://www.instagram.com/p/B1lQbVant4C/


The following pictures are two mother plants that I have backed up for breeding more dankness. A rare pheno in my Blueberry Kush x Cookies is the Sherbet, she smells like pink sherbet on the plant, when dried, and when smoked its Sherbet on the tongue, fav smoke. Both these plants have Sherbet flavours, but the chunkier one is that pink sherbet from the candyshop, the other one has more I guess one would call it a grapey kind of sherbet flavor right now. Sherbet phenohunt (1).JPG Sherbet phenohunt (2).JPG Sherbet no1.JPG Sherbet no2.JPG

Videos https://www.instagram.com/p/B1bv9ZCFQlQ/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B1b4nLOF5Nt/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B1n1vxHHBFF/


The plants are about half way through flowering right now I would say, they are receiving some nutrients, but not overkill, every other watering at about half strength.

That is it for now, I will keep updates rolling when I get some time, thanks for reading!

Peace and buds my friends :)