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Paranoia attacks and black peppers

By @zuculuz on 24 Oct 2019.
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*Eating Mango before smoking intensifies the high and makes it last longer. Holding your breath longer then the 2-3 necessary seconds does not get you higher, just blocks oxygen flow to your brain. Those two are some of the more famous facts associated with cannabis and its use. There are many facts like those two about cannabis that some people are not aware of. I'm here to talk about another interesting thing that I recently read about and came today to share that with you smokers and tokers and hear your opinions.*
Paranoia attacks are one of the few only side effects some people get from smoking cannabis. Not everyone gets them and some may get them after a while. I believe one of the mayor reasons paranoia attacks happen is because of its legalization status in most of the world. The reason people get paranoid is because their senses and feelings become intensified by smoking cannabis and then something happens that triggers a paranoia attack.
I myself was once a victim of intense paranoia attacks after me and a few friends got busted on the city hillsides few years ago. After that horrible 4 hour encounter with the boys in blue, I had constant depressed feelings with paranoia attacks right at its tail. And it was a pain and bummer because I couldn't enjoy cannabis as much as I used to. In the last 2 years the paranoia attacks stopped almost completly. Coming back only if I get an unexpected negative surprise while smoking. Luckily it toned down a lot since then. But they are still there. In the shadows. Waiting to jump me again.
One of the ways we could get rid of paranoia attacks is by legalizing it world wide. So people don't have to be scared of getting busted while chilli somewhere and minding their own business. But untill those times comes aroubd we have to deal with them in our own way. Enter black pepper.
Black pepper, or more specially black peppercorn are an everyday house item and food ingrident. The black pepper in itself is packed with alpha-pinene. Alpha-pinene is the dominating terpenese inside black peppers that has an alerting like effect. Pinene has been recorded to act as a sort of inhibitor to a bad high that gets you paranoid. Or in other words terpenese in the paper acts together with THC to create a therapeticaly calming effect, toning down the paranoia in you with it.
So the next time you feel paranoid while smoking or you feel paranoia building up. Take 2 or 3 black peppercorns and start chewing them to calm yourself down. If you wish to read more about it and find out the finer details of this effect click [here](https://www.thegrowthop.com/cannabis-culture/how-black-pepper-sedates-marijuana-paranoia-according-to-neil-young-and-science) for the source of my post. I have tried it on myself but the paranoid attacks were more like self inflicted. I tried to get myself into a paranoid state. It worked to an extand. My heartbeat and pulse were faster. Then I took 3 pieces of black peppercorn and chewed them up. After a while my hewrtbeat and pusle slowed down. Is it from the black pepper? It could be. My pulse and hewrtbeat could have slowed down naturally, but after a few minutes I did feel a bit more energized and positive. Hase anyone else ever tried this?
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