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Pandemic Dont lose your mind contest

By @tecnosgirl on 20 Mar 2020.
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Okay since most of us are locked down

I thought why not host a little contest. This is what I am calling the Pandemic don't lose your mind contest. So I plan to do a crossword, word finds and other activities to help you all keep your minds sharp so you don't get bored. So fill out the answers leave them in the comments below and you will get a chance to win a customized smoke.io keyring with your user name on it. How cool is that?

smoke crossword.PNG

keyring.jpeg the keyring will look similar to this but your username will also be on it. there will also be a pop of color that isn't shown in this photo

Look around smoke.io at the users profiles and match of the users with the answers

Hint if you https://www.smoke-indica.com/ it might make it easier to find the answers as the answers are all in the most voted. So write your answers below or print it out and scan it and put the image in the comments below and The first person to complete the puzzle will win, When the puzzle is completed correctly, I will host another activity for another challenge to win a customized keyring. If we are gonna be locked down lets have some fun with it.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass, don't mess up the rotation. And stay safe if you don't have to get out don't. I have had to get out the last few days because I wanted to make sure all my clients had what they needed, and that family had what they needed to but I am now done with all that and have locked down as much as we can, two people in my household work in essential services so they will be out in this unless someone actually gets sick.