Related sites - Primary web app for accessing content on the Smoke network.

UKCSC - The UK Cannabis Social Clubs campaign for adult legalisation of cannabis; to provide safer access, with the right to grow at home or in a shared space and purchase labelled, lab tested products through regulated outlets with proof of age.

UPA - The UK’s first medical cannabis support group, led by patients, for patients; United Patients Alliance provide tireless advocacy, compassionate campaigning, and essential education, to safeguard the patients’ voice in advancing legal access to cannabis therapeutics.

Clear-UK - CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform, the UK’s largest membership-based cannabis policy group.

EndOurPain - Medical cannabis was legalised in the UK over a year ago, but patients still can’t get access. Their terrible suffering continues. Help us to help them

NORML - Check out NORML's action center where you can deep dive into pending cannabis legalization efforts and federal priorities in the USA.

daggacouple - The Dagga Couple (a phrase coined by the South African press) are preparing a case to apply for the opportunity to ask some very simple questions in the highest court in South Africa, The Constitutional Court. How come this benign, useful, non toxic, non lethal plant has lead to the persecution of so many people, in so many countries, for so long?

Cannabis Culture - Cannabis Culture is a magazine about marijuana and hemp around the world.

/r/trees - Worldwide cannabis subreddit.

/r/uktrees - UK cannabis subreddit.

/r/vaporents - Cannabis vaporizer subreddit.

Other cannabis subreddits - There's a cannabis subreddit for every niche.

ismoke - ISMOKE is an independent news and media brand. A voice for cannabis consumers and culture, their mission is to educate the masses on the benefits of cannabis.

Leafly - US Cannabis related products, strain reviews, dispensary listings.

Weedmaps - A community connecting cannabis consumers, patients, retailers, doctors, and brands since 2008.

HighTimes - High Times is the definitive resource for all things cannabis. From cultivation and legalization, to entertainment and culture, to hard-hitting news exposing the War on Drugs, High Times has been the preeminent source for cannabis information since 1974.

Merry Jane - MERRY JANE is the world’s leading multi-media & lifestyle company that’s creating the new mainstream culture by connecting cannabis and pop culture.