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October smoke-indica.com updates - migration, development, optimizations!

By @indica on 14 Oct 2019.
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If you’ve not heard before, I run a website called Smoke-Indica.

It’s been a few weeks since my last update, here’s what’s changed:

  • Banner ads have been removed from between posts (on the index), from the footer of posts and from the price page. I’ve read that SEO improves by reducing these, so makes sense to remove them until the traffic really builds up. There was also a coding issue which resulted in their removal being easier than the solution tonight haha! The affiliate links are still in the sidebar for anyone interested in supporting the site.
  • Server has migrated - I had previously upgraded to a dual core VPS with 4 GB RAM because I was using hexo-server to render the site live (like development mode). By generating the files and serving the static site contents through the nginx I massively reduced the server size required. Since I couldn’t downsize my VPS I created a new one with 1 CPU & 2 GB RAM. This has halved the monthly server costs which was worth the effort over the last day or so.
  • Implemented the google pagespeed module for nginx, this replaces a JS based lazy loading image, it also provides web server optimizations in the background.
  • Switched from Letsencrypt SSL certs to a direct cert with cloudflare, from which a cloudflare ssl connection is established with the user. This avoids the letsencrypt cert expiring which was an annoying task every few months.
  • Fixed images in mobile view - they should no longer be wider than the screen. This had been an ongoing glitch for the last few months, sorry for any annoyance caused by it.
  • Due to switching lazy loading solution, the green border is now gone from the article page view.
  • Removed unnecessary javascript code & libraries.
  • Caught up with recently curated content (had stopped indexing content).
  • Added a green on-click highlight to doms throughout the site to aid accessibility tools.
  • Removed the ‘copy’ button from the index article boxes.

What I plan on working on next:

  • Improving the scheduling of smoke-js network scraping & content generation - it was working but now has proven to stick occasionally.
  • Improve the RSS feed - I disabled the truspush feed because it was not as high quality as the previous rss implementation (which unfortunately spammed the subscribers with a payment notice lol).

Anyone want to request any changes or new features?

Do you plan on creating your own blog to share your own curated content?

Take it easy, Indica 🔥