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New wave of green

By @gallahad on 23 Oct 2019.
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I’m harvesting my big cherrywine plant next is drying, dry trim, cure and testing, the of course partake in the smoking of the chebas!!!! 35286985-2F2E-4930-A1A5-EA26BA90EDD6.jpegD5BC7F13-04D9-4A6C-8EEC-67F6FEB928AA.jpeg But now I have some new green to start and experiment with 41A911EC-B555-4011-8C11-26E58D2163B4.jpeg The two bigger plant are from seed and the two in the middle are clones. 325FE943-345B-4619-BFF0-193B23E147EB.jpeg I cut the two big branches off the top for this plant 1DB4D668-CAE9-4BB5-BF39-8EC4567FBD76.jpeg to clone 633C0127-3FAA-4B77-BBA9-C96B80076CA2.jpeg I put them in solo cups and gave them a root inoculatant to speed up the game rooting process.CCD2BD5B-9000-447A-A107-1EAD8461A117.jpegOne took root but the other…7FEA4574-A80F-4E11-B86E-7F0894545FFA.jpeg well if wilted. The plant I took these two clones from was about a week ahead of the other plant I germitanted 3B7D8066-EC21-4CFA-842E-39878799FC96.jpeg 0265EFEE-62E4-4BA8-8AC5-6D8EEF8183AB.jpegthe canopy is going be nice and it should bush out good, the genetics of this plant are very promising still the cherrywine strain I previously ran, so that is a plus. I have the two makeshift “mother plants” under a blue light for 24hrs. Speaking of clones my second experiment along with phenohunting I decided to run these two clones from my first cherrywine grow as a sea of green style. I put it directly on a 10-14 light cycle which I plan on switching to either 12-12 or 10-10 just to be move even 53833E18-151E-4B62-9139-0664D4CBDCC1.jpeg5A6FDB4F-808D-4867-9D2C-88527F08EE97.jpeg1C36F677-0A0F-45C9-9E5D-9355EE39A170.jpeg The node spacing in these clones were already short and they looked like a prime chance to stretch and bud them. I plan on running fox farm nutes on these to see what my results turn out to be. 074620D8-D72E-4C99-A489-D9BD521DCDE8.jpeg5A8CBE0C-389A-4EF7-90F3-91E0D6ED0F74.jpegthese are about a foot tall now and ready for transplanting. If I like the sea of green method of growing I’m going to try and run 4-6 in my little grow tent to increase the yields. Now I need a male with good genetics to start seed chucking. Happy phenohunting smoke network.