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New Crop Off To A Great Start

By @goldendawne on 3 Oct 2019.
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Gone are the five-gallon orange buckets. Here to stay are the seven-gallon aeration fabric bags!

Over the last eight weeks (my hiatus from SMOKE.io), I have been restructuring some aspects of my life… and my grow room and crops.

I started a fresh crop two weeks ago and they are flourishing!


And with my revamping included getting rid of the awkward and clunky five-gallon buckets. I was tired of them. The weren’t easy for me to move; for some reason they seemed heavier than the new seven-gallon aeration fabric grow bags I have. Keep in mind, these bags hold more soil; so I don’t quite understand it.

In this new crop I have two Super Skunk Kush, one Fruit Punch and one White Widow.

During my down time, I carefully researched some new seed possibilities and the Fruit Punch (sativa) and White Widow (hybrid 50/50) were the ones I chose.

Some people want the sativa… but most want the safety of the indica.

I specifically chose the White Widow for the people who can’t decide.

Yes… there are some indecisive people in the cannabis world… go figure! Plus I like to think this will be wonderful for my edibles.


I actually ran out of soil and need to get one more bag brought inside the grow room, so I can finish filling up the bags.

I decided to keep this crop down to four plants (have no fear, I will be starting more seedlings in a few weeks to keep the rotation going strong), because I want to mainline ALL these. I’m hoping that I have now perfected the mainlining technique and each plant will have eight cola buds. And not just eight regular cola buds… BUT 8 GREAT cola buds!

These grow bags are so easy to use; with the two handles I am able (even with my bad shoulder and neck) to move them much easier than the buckets.

A person told my husband that they didn’t like the bags; I guess mold developed on the plants. Ummm, over-water too much? Or not pay enough attention to possible drainage concerns? I spent endless time in my grow room. I prune… I talk… I water… I fluff… I do it all! And as for over-watering… NEVER! My girls get the perfect amount of water and nutrients. We are pretty connected that way.

But I am excited for these grow bags. After each harvest is done, and since I have twelve bags, I will be able to clean the bags properly to avoid transferring diseases, nutrient build-up and potential pest problems.

So have you ever used these grow bags? Pros and cons that you have discovered?


This is where I purchased the bags. I priced them at my semi-local hydro store, but they wanted $6 each (for the five-gallon bags)! I paid $15/USD each set (I ordered two sets) plus tax; free two-day shipping.

WINNER OUTFITTERS 6-Pack 10 Gallon Grow Bags/Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles

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