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NBA Stoners - Al Harrington & Al’s Beloved Grandmother

By @lordoftruth on 10 Sep 2019.
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When we look at the NBA in the context of weed, how has the league evolved and where it stands now on cannabis, we remember the former NBA player Richard Dumas who stated in the early 1990 that:

If the league ever tested players for marijuana, there wouldn’t be no NBA.

We don’t know which drugs Dumas used to violate the policy, when he was suspended his rookie year for violating the NBA substance abuse policy, but we do know that league did not suspend him for marijuana use, because NBA did not begin testing for #Weed until the 2000 season.

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern not only heard Richard Dumas’ comments but he was also worried about the image of his league, due to NBA stoners that were prevalent at the time, like Damon Stoudamire, Gary Patton, Rasheed Wallace, Allen Iverson, and even Robert Parish aka who were all known for smoking #Pot. Stern admitted to wanting to clean up the image of the league using player health and safety as the reasoning for marijuana testing.

With NBA entering the 2000’s with a new policy (NBA will only allow up to 15 ng/ml to record a positive test), the league was admittedly happy with the low percentage of players using the weed and felt that their policy on #Marijuana worked but when looking at the number of suspended players and the actual policies, we see a different story!

David Stern, the same who was responsible for instituting the testing policy back in 2000 has gone on record saying marijuana should be removed from the band substance list in the NBA. Stern stated he watched a documentary on #Cannabis which convinced him that there were multiple positive uses for the plant and it’s use should not be restricted. This is a change in heart the public rarely sees from a person of David Stern’s stature especially on a taboo issue like weed.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has no plans on removing marijuana from the banned substance list, but has an open mind about the possibility of it happening in the future. Silver said

My personal view is that it should be regulated in the same way that other medications are if the plan is to use it for pain management.

NBA Stoners / 85 Percent Of The League

Al Harrington

Albert Harrington (Born February 17, 1980), the Former NBA star Al Harrington, selected with the 25th overall pick in the 1998 NBA draft, made over $AUD100 million during his 16-year basketball career but that sum may be small potatoes compared to his next endeavour.

At the end of his NBA career, the power forward seamlessly switched from the court to the business world with his company Harrington Wellness, a global leader in natural personal care products containing hemp-derived CBD that makes cannabinoids, because Harrington’s latest passion involves championing the positive effects of medicinal marijuana.

Al Harrington Turn Weed into Millions

Al Harrington & Al’s Beloved Grandmother / Viola

He joined the Golden State Warriors in 2007, which is where he says he first tried marijuana, and after trying businesses in the restaurant and hotel space, he looks to have found his true calling to make people aware of the medical benefits of going down that path.

Speaking to the Indianapolis Star, Harrington said he started looking into cannabis around a decade ago to deal with the 14 surgeries he had during his playing careeras he became personally aware of the medicinal benefits of cannabis after suffering complications from a botched knee surgery towards the end of his NBA career.

But the original inspiration for starting a company came from Al’s beloved grandmother (Her name is Viola), who suffers from glaucoma and diabetes, but with some convincing from Al Harrington, she agreed to try cannabis for her pain and found immediate relief.

Viola employs more than 70 people in Colorado, Oregon, Michigan and California with plans to expand his business to seven states by the end of the 2019. Harrington believes the company could be listed at a $US1 billion valuation if he put it up for sale on the open market, but he insists he doesn’t care about the money. Harrington told the newspaper:

Money will come and go, but I’m more focused on service and products and patients. If we take care of them, the money will be there.

Al Harrington & David Stern Talk Medical Marijuana

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