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Mystery Connect Flower 02

By @asasai on 30 Sep 2019.
Tags: nugporn, mysteryflower, thc, vape, medicate,
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Hello to all! :)

I have come back with another mystery connect flower! I had been finishing up the last of the last mystery flower, and I was literally saving it up for this post to show you guys! https://media.giphy.com/media/ZDFSquFOS1bPDb0cyE/giphy.gif

I finally took some nugporn, and here are the results! 8] https://i.imgur.com/STslT9K.jpg https://i.imgur.com/jKKhgzx.jpg https://i.imgur.com/fRmr4ji.jpg https://i.imgur.com/79naeFK.jpg https://i.imgur.com/HRawxug.jpg

I loaded it up, https://media.giphy.com/media/hTaD8ZSF6BzFxItNOu/giphy.gif Vapin’ https://media.giphy.com/media/ZaRK13Q87XktvNtiIm/giphy.gif

It was a nice, tasty hit! MAN! This is why I enjoy vaping my flower(plus I can’t roll a joint to save my life-partner does it all! lol) I also vape to conserve my flower!

Of course leave it up to me to not know how to describe the taste!! >.<; It really brought out the citrus(guys, I had literal hard times trying to remember how to spell that word without right-clicking the spelling-I figured it out!) flavors and whatever heavenly flavor I experienced!
I feel GREAT! Earlier I was feeling so, so, SO irritable!! TMI, I have my monthly so whenever that time comes, people around me know, don’t even start your $h!t because I will be angry and let you know what’s up! But right now I just feel so amazing!! I had vaped earlier, but I had mixed the old connect flower and CBD. CBD alone didn’t seem to be helping me today!

I feel so high right now, and my face literally feels like it’s being held in certain areas along with my head feeling wrapped around. Maybe it’s muscles relaxing finally? I have TMJ and so I am always having pain in my jaw.

It is amazing documenting these experiences because I am finding out just how I am supposed to be medicating myself to stay as chill as possible. I have a hard time chilling sometimes whenever I can’t have time to reset/relax my mind and am on edge because my son is just so active/demanding! I am learning that maybe I should really medicate with just THC flower whenever I am having bad days…or it’s obviously the strain? Both I guess. I am so lucky to have gotten this mystery strain because it is making me feel so relaxed and my mind uplifted from the negative spot it was earlier but not the ‘tried relaxed’. I think I have scored with a Sativa or maybe hybrid? The last one definitely felt more sedating, which is why it might have been an Indica.

I really wish I knew what this one is called! It’s a bummer. That’s why I want to have legal flower where I live so that I can know what I’m getting and medicate better for my needs!!

Anyway, I am really enjoying this current flower!! Better than the last for me to help improve my overall mood! Keep blazing everyone! :]

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