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Mystery Connect Flower 01

By @asasai on 24 Sep 2019.
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Here is some bud from the connect. It looks and it smells amazing! Lots of frost! I actually had a whole lot more, but I went out of town and my partner totally smoked it all. He says he will be getting more tomorrow, we shall see if we are successful and if it is as beautiful as this.

https://i.imgur.com/LB9jJAn.jpg https://i.imgur.com/pgIP8KO.jpg

Here it is in the grinder! https://i.imgur.com/UGW5Kcl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/t8BBnVZ.jpg https://media.giphy.com/media/idMH8JGYCs8fFj3d15/giphy.gif

I even took some with me on my trip into town on a relaxing, rainy day earlier this evening. I had my black chrome MV1 ride along as I am trying preserve the outside of the other MV1. Plus, I keep that bubbler attached at all times at home nowadays. :D https://media.giphy.com/media/cPGxcQBfDBNbcbK6hB/giphy.gif

So after vaping some of that delicious looking flower at this time in the night after the family is asleep and I have no distractions, I feel really relaxed.

Now that was a rip I was not able to hold in! I was ah-coughin’! Yeah, lovely! I feel the head change, and l feel my arms and legs in complete relaxation. I just feel a ring of relaxation around my head like a bandana. My jaw is relaxed, finally. That big hit really did it. I actually feel that whatever this strain is, it does not give me anxiety! Surprisingly since most of the time whenever I vape solely THC bud I tend to get anxiety. The more I vape it, the more I notice the fruity aroma as the vapor leaves my mouth. I can’t(and I’m generally not good at) pin point what flavor I am tasting.
Whatever it is, I am impressed! I would usually mix the CBD flower, but today I said, eff it I am going to vape the good stuff on it’s own!
As I mentioned earlier I went out of town for some family stuff and I was not able to vape since, le gasp last Wednesday! It was a pleasant session today after the chaos of traveling out of town with family and not being able to medicate! Good night to all! I hope you enjoyed the pictures. :]

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