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My Xray Day 🔬🔭👶, Full of Smoke and lots of Bites 🐱🐾

By @carpediem on 16 Jun 2019.
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Hello awesome Smokians,

What a day again…My days are so so different from one another, I feel like life is a constant roller-coaster of events that try to bite me up in the ass, be it in a good, pleasant kind of way ;) or in a nasty, often painful way and sometimes just little annoying bites of random daily life “things to do”, that seem to be just piling up recently.

It can be tiresome sometimes I admit, and i often long for a little routine and mundane life, but I guess it is tiresome to be constantly bored, doing the same thing every day, as well…


So my day started again with no coffee or smoke, I had been fasting (again) for my routine blood tests that I been neglecting to take for a few days (about 789)…and as we had an ultrasound test for the upcoming baby nearby, I decided to kill two birds…and do those damn blood-tests as well.

The moment she finished stabbing me we grabbed a few pastries from a local shop, a coffee and finally it was time for the first smoke of the day, It has to be a quick one…



Now it’s time for the ultrasound, it is one of those routine checkups for the 8’th month pregnancy…


I know that she is there….she is growing and kicking day by day and in no time at all will be part of this world, part of our growing family…but in all this life’s craze it’s often becomes sort of a secondary thing (usually happens with the second child ;), it’s not like I forget she is coming (though that happens every now and then aswell :) , its just it becomes secondary to all the other super important things that currently occupy me, like keeping my already born child…well…alive…., helping to keep my pregnant partner in good mood and as healthy lifestyle as possible, keeping the business in line and keeping me sane…the later often being the most challenging one :)

So those Xray visits to my babies temporary home is always a great way to put things back in perspective…the perspective being

1)”no reason to get stressed about the small things in life, your family is the most important thing, life is beautiful and amazing…”

2)”ohh fuck we gonna have another one very soon, everything we know about “busy” gonna be blown away through the window”.

But looking at the face of my baby girl…smiling at me, while she mumbles some new philosophical theory she’s been working on…I immediately know, that everything will be just fine!

Fast forward through my day, a few doctors, many phone calls, a few meetings, many smokes…


…time to go to the greenhouse.


In my previous posts I have been mentioning the Invader-kitties that decided they were going to live for a while in my greenhouse.

Can’t take the cuteness from them, but those little fuckers, apparently come with more then just cuteness…they bring along thousands upon thousands of much less cute friends….FLEAS….

So in the last few days we have started to notice those little bastards all over the place, the annoying thing with them…is that the moment you start noticing, is usually when there is already an infestation.

Apparently they are really hard to get rid off (very similar to spider mites), as they have 4 stages of development, and in order to get rid of them completely you must get rid of the eggs, cocoons and the live fleas all in the same time…as eggs can be dormant for up to a year.

Thats how a good deed can sometimes turn around and slap you in that generous, self righteous face :)…

Lesson learned those kittens are cute…but in someone elses place please.

But we managed to find one, and get him to do the job today!

This would mean that we will have to prepare the place for spraying, and close it early.


So we had to find an exterminator to do an asap work - it can be very challenging in the summer month, during this time they are busy as plastic surgeons, you gotta work with their google calendar (OMG 2019!).

Been running around all day, from one thing to another…my body does the work, but my mind is somewhere else…I AM NOT I THE “PRESENT MOMENT” TODAY, i am very far away, both in time and space…hmmm, that is a very strong Indica i was smoking :)

Time For one last smoke before going back home…




Its 18:45, i am back home…Still so much more to do today, still the whole evening ahead of me…

But i will have my little break for a while….drink a beer…relax..and plan the rest of the evening.


Hope you guys had a busy yet productive day, and that yours had just a little bit less nasty pests and annoyances…

Have a great night,


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“A Friend With WEED is a Friend INDEED”

Pops O’Donnell

*All the photos in this post were taken by me and therefore my property ;) please consider asking me before you steal my Pulitzer level photography and writing…!


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