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My State Of SMOKE Overview Of The Last 458 Days

By @goldendawne on 27 Dec 2019.
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It's hard for me to comprehend that I've been on SMOKE.io since the first day it debuted back on September 24, 2018. That's 458 days... just over 15 months and I finally have the slider bar for Upsmokes; I discovered this update just this past week. So I thought I'd share my SMOKE.io journey to date.

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I actually have voting power of 110.48% as I haven't Upsmoked anyone yet today.



The other day when I collected my rewards (1,272.257 SMOKE POWER), I pushed past that 43k mark and the slider was available! I was quite pleased with it, but also a little let down that I could have reached the milestone two months ago. But with me taking about two months total away from the platform (life in general was one month and when my husband had his heart attack and surgery accounted for the second month), I decided the time away was a good thing. We all need a break from some things in our lives to rejuvenate and start with a fresh mind and new ideas, right?

So when I logged on the platform this morning, I thought I'd share how I got here... from there.


I have posted about the edibles I make weekly, a lot of my grows' updates, news and the legal battles and legalization of cannabis in the state I live and just daily cannabis life.

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I have made 1471 posts (1472 if you include this one), at the time of writing this post which includes the comments I have made, I have 555 followers and follow 252 SMOKE people here. Which I may have to update that as I do believe some may not even still be posting.

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I have eleven slots open for witness votes; so if you know someone reliable that is not on my list (I'll admit I may have missed some GREAT witnesses), just comment below so I can check them out.


Here is the first post I ever made on SMOKE.io. It was a short and sweet introductory post (images missing), but still I laughed when I read how quick I was to post here after approval!


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