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My moms trees.

By @herbncrypto on 30 Aug 2019.
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She is closing in on 70 years of age. I stopped by her place for a visit a while back and ended up giving her some mystery seeds when the new laws came in. She always talked about how she’d love to grow a few. Earlier in the week she was begging me to come by and check them out to make sure everything was ok with them.

I just got back from Salmon Arm for my brothers wedding so I decided to drop by her place and check them out, and I burst out laughing at the sight of them.

She has always had a green thumb, with certain plants she either sinks or swims. For instance she can’t get her potatoes to grow much past the size of a walnut, yet randomly has full peaches growing on a tiny tree planted only a few years ago.

Her cannabis plants though… She was so concerned about them. “Are they the right kind?!” Yes mom they’re female, “Is this enough water!? Do they look healthy!? Will I get any buds do you think!?” Uhmm well…

I didn’t know how to tell her - as it’s quite late in the season now and only the beginning few white pistols are present.

So instead, I just tried to break it to her easy.

“Mom if those plants start producing buds - even if they’re little popcorns. I’m sure you’ll get a year’s supply.”


She was so excited with that news!

IMG_20190828_190340.jpg 9 footer

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I’m very impressed that she’s got them so massive, yet a little worried that they won’t flower properly.

Let me know what you think!