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My Little Cannabis Helper Guarding The Weed & Canine Cannabis Warnings

By @goldendawne on 26 Oct 2019.
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Yesterday I made four clones from my current vegging plants; and when I left the grow room to gather some supplies, I came back to my weed guard dog.


There have been many days when I go into the grow room to water the girls and keep an eye o the grow that Lexi (our new black lab) will come in the room. Usually I shoo her away as she’s still a puppy, likes to chew and get into trouble at the blink of an eye; but on this day she was laying calm and watching everything I was doing.

She watched closely as I scooped up the Coco Coir soil, filled the cups and made my clones.

Se made no move to bite the plants, mess with the 50-pound bag of soil or even try to play. She was just curious and observant.

Kind of made me think of an old sheep dog watching her flock



My little gal when she was nine weeks old back in late September.

She has grown leaps and bounds and I am more positive with her being in the grow room… ATTENDED.

Don’t quite trust her puppy ways yet.

So this got me thinking… what are the effects of cannabis on dogs?

So I looked up some informaiton on the Canine Journal website.



There are three ways dogs can get high from cannabis:

  • Ingesting marijuana leaves/buds directly (YES… I need to make sure this little gal doesn’t get a hold of the leaves)
  • Ingesting edibles
  • Secondhand smoke- WOW! Never thought possible but I guess it is

Symptoms Of A High Dog

  • Lethargic
  • Breathing problems
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Abnormal heart rhythms
  • Loss of balance
  • Urinary incontinence

THESE are all kind of scary! Imagine how the dog is feeling since they have no clue what is happening!

This Canine Journal post about the 8 Things You Need To Know About Dogs And Marijuana is a MUST read for all dog owners with cannabis in their household.

It really opened my eyes to being extra careful (just as if you have a toddler, child in the home).

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