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Medical Cannabis & Epilepsy - Epileptic Children & NHS

By @lordoftruth on 25 Sep 2019.
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There is no doubt that any parent, of any child, wants the best for them. That’s why so many parents of children with severe epilepsy would do anything to make their lives easier and more comfortable. For these children, Epidiolex (An oral solution of cannabidiol) that Has Been Approved for use in the UK and other European countries, is potentially life-saving but the NHS does not currently recommend it.


Why NHS does not recommend it? The side effects of currently prescribed drugs are far worse than anything, medical cannabis could cause! Is it going to take a child dying before NHS steps up to do the right thing?

It has created a “two-tier” system where the medicalCannabis is available privately but only at significant cost, the Medical Cannabis Costs £4,000 a Month to help teenager, the reason why families are having to fundraise thousands of pounds to obtain the vital medicine for their children, using their life savings to obtain it privately.

**Medical Cannabis Product Approved For Epilepsy / #News**
Rachel Rankmore & Her Son Bailey

Rachel Rankmore, has a private prescription for her son Bailey (17 years), who suffers with a severe form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome.

The medical cannabis, was prescribed by a consultant neurologist in London , and the family get it to the UK from Holland via a specialist importer. But it costs the family significant amounts of money they don’t have to be able to keep getting it. Mrs. Rachel told Metro.co.uk:

Our funds are running out. We pay £1,800 to £4,000 a month to keep our son well and we only have a couple of months left. They are putting a price on our children’s heads.

She said she knows six or seven other families with a private prescription, and others who want to have one but don’t have the money.

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Elaine Levy & Her Daughter Fallon

Mrs. Elaine Levy, the mother of Fallon (25 Years), with severe epilepsy (Lennox–Gastaut syndrome), had been forced to sell her house after spending her family’s savings on private prescriptions for medical cannabis, in an attempt to fund her daughter’s care after spending more than £30,000.

Her daughter no longer needed a wheelchair after using full extract cannabis oil, after years of taking sedatives. Mrs. Elaine Levy said:

She can walk, she can talk, her intelligence has gone up hugely, she has proper conversations, her IQ has gone up and she now tells me where to go. It’s not a cure but the result is phenomenal.

The price is so high, to can keep her daughter well, as without cannabis, Fallon would be forced to go back to the wheelchair and start taking clobazam valium type drugs, where you can’t eat properly and you’re doped up. “Well as a parent, who would do that?” she asks.

![11.jpg](https://img.smoke.io/img0/lordoftruth/60b0859f1cb61e0ccb85472ca62cb530f66e8e33.jpeg) **Elaine Levy & Fallon**
Physicians and MPs Call for Action

The situation has become that ridiculous that the medical community and more than 100 cross-party MPs have now started to rally for medicalMarijuana to be accessible for free on the NHS System!

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