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Mary Jane Watson / While Smoking Marijuana Can Be Inspirational

By @lordoftruth on 17 Oct 2019.
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Spiderman’s girlfriend Mary Jane, is no stranger to falling from great heights, but does that mean she likes to get high? The Spider-Man actress; “Kirsten Caroline Dunst” (Born April 30, 1982) made her debut in the 1989 anthology film “New York Stories”, and achieved fame for her portrayal of “Mary Jane Watson” in “Spider Man Trilogy” (2002–2007).


She believes the world would be a better place, if more people smokedMarijuana, she has branded America’s strict marijuana laws as ridiculous, she has admitted she enjoys using cannabis, she insists she would never overindulge in weed taking, but says smoking marijuana can be inspirational, and she told “Britain’s Live” magazine that she smokes pot:

"I've never been a major smoker, but I think America's view on weed is ridiculous. I mean - are you kidding me? If everyone smoked weed, the world would be a better place."

It seems unlikely the admission was a mere slip of tongue by an actress as accomplished and popular as Dunst. She couldn’t have played the media-conscious tennis star “Lizzie Bradbury” in 2004’s “Wimbledon” so convincingly otherwise. The news served to publicize “Spiderman 3” without harming her reputation as an arrest or other incident would have!


Woodshock Movie

The plot of “Woodshock” (Psychological Thriller Drama) follows a woman “Theresa” who, reeling after the loss of her mother, begins to cope by using a powerful substance which has hallucinogenic, violent repercussions.

Kirsten Dunst stars as “Theresa”, a young woman whose mother’s death leaves her despondent, she floats through a series of encounters with friends and family in a dream-like state, aided by a potent strain ofCannabis.

She rolls aJoint, which she’s laced with a few drops of mysterious liquid from a small, brown vial, then she lights it and hands it to her mother, who’s lying in bed, suffering from some sort of terminal illness. A few puffs and tears later, the pain is gone for good!

Theresa’s descent into complete despair doesn’t look too different from her despondent state in the film’s opening scene, which deceives us into thinking that “Woodshock” might actually be compelling.


The Giant Joint

According to the actress, she always smoke fake**Pot** on the set of her movie "Woodshock", like tobacco, herbs or something similar, but Dunst accidentally smoked giant joint with real weed, and after she filmed on scene, in which she took a lot of hits of what she thought was fake weed, she started to feel like she was losing her mind. After telling her director she thought she needed to go to the hospital, he realized she had somehow gotten real weed.

So, Does Kirsten Dunst Smoke Weed?

She doesn’t smoke nearly as much as the marijuana advocate and consumer **"Carl Edward Sagan"** which Dunst referenced when discussing her consumption:
"My best friend Sasha’s dad was Carl Sagan, the astronomer. He was the biggest pot smoker in the world and he was a genius.”

But the Spider-Man actress, seems to understand responsibleCannabis consumption, and her successful career proves it. She said that, while smoking marijuana can be inspirational:

"I'm not talking about being stoned all day, though. I think if it's not used properly, it can hamper your creativity and close you up inside."
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