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Marijuana's Christmas Cultural References / Merry Psychedelic Christmas

By @lordoftruth on 23 Dec 2019.
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Christmas is the most iconic holiday in the world and it’s full of strange traditions. Activities like hanging stockings and singing songs about flying reindeer have become so deeply ingrained inChristmas, that we don’t even wonder where they came from.

If you trace the origin of Christmas traditions, you will find that many of them may be linked to the rituals surrounding thePsychedelic mushroom, Amanita muscaria. The large red, white spotted “Amanita Muscaria” is the most recognizable mushroom on earth. Throughout history and across many cultures, people valued this mysterious mushroom for its powerful hallucinogenic properties.


According to the writer “Lawrence Millman”, the shaman would make use of Amanita muscaria’s psychoactive effects in order to perform healing rituals. The use of Amanita muscaria as an entheogen would enable the shamans to act as intermediaries between the spirit and human world, bringing gifts of healing and problem-solving.

Many historians describe “The Shaman” and the rituals performed in ways that are fascinatingly similar to the narrative of Santa. An all-knowing man who defies space and time? Flying reindeer? Reindeer-drawn sleds? Climbing down the chimney? The giving of gifts? The stories of the “Sami Shamanism” have it all.

**So, if you agree that Santa is a mushroom shaman, or not , here are sure some interesting Christmas Cultural References to #Marijuana that have snuck through at Christmastime!**
**The Lemon Drop Kid (1951)**
**"Bob Hope"** is "The Lemon Drop Kid", who during one of his cons at the race track finds himself in debt to a gangster for $10,000, he is forced to repay the angry gangster with. He dresses as Santas to collect the money, he sniffs Santa's pipe and acts**High** while introducing the song "Silver Bells".
**Trading Places (1983)**
One of the best comedies to come out of the 1980's, it stands as one of Murphy's best earlier films as well as Aykroyd's performances as a character actor, which Murphy jumps into the john to take a**Toke**, and Aykroyd lights up a**Spliff** in disguise as a Jamaican in the movie, set at Christmastime.
**The Family Stone (2005)**
The film moves along well with no dead time and while it is predicable in its storyline with no big surprises it is a very enjoyable. The acting is so great, I most enjoyed "Craig Nelson" and "Diane Keaton", who munches**Brownies** as the cancer-stricken family matriarch, and "Sarah Jessica Parker" plays the uptight Meredith, whose freak flag flies under the tutelage of her fiancé's brother "Luke Wilson" (been stoned).
**Four Christmases (2008)**
The movie is about a couple who every year avoid Christmas time and decide to take fancy exotic vacations to get away from family and all that goes with it. Where the always hilarious "Vince Vaughn" and "Reese Witherspoon" attempt to dodge their wacky relatives, "Sissy Spacek" warns her grandson against grandma's special brownies.
**Happy Christmas (2014)**
Anna Kendrick plays an insecure woman who puffs pot from a joint and a pipe, and does fine unless she mixes it with alcohol. You are not going to get Shakespeare, but what you do get is a real sense of being present in the lives of the people involved.
**The Night Before (2015)**
Starring by "Seth Rogen" and "Joseph Gordon-Levitt", features Dickensian pot dealer Mr. Green manifesting marijuana's three vision quest abilities: to put you squarely in the present, to illuminate a future you fear, and to come to grips with a past you have buried. To the character who protests paranoia, Mr. Green replies, "Sometimes it's good to be uncomfortable."
**A Christmas Miracle (2019)**
It is classic old school South Park episode, that definitely bring you back some good memories. Watch to see how Randy and Tegridy return the Christmas Spirit with the help of Santa and Jesus.
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