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Marijuanas Christmas Cultural References At Maria Nursing Home

By @lordoftruth on 28 Dec 2019.
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Suddenly I have found myself in the role of supporting my oldest brother (The fourth stage of "Parkinson’s Disease") after a stroke, that brought him speech troubles, and difficulties with mental processing. The "Stroke" come as a shock, after the implantation of the artificial cardiac "Pacemaker" with a few weeks, which makes the recovery process so difficult!


They said, placing a family member in a nursing home is a difficult and traumatic event, but must be done! However as I believe in "Christmas Miracle", I started the last days to give him "Raw CBD Oil", bought from "Hemp Oils Uk", hoping that "Mr. Green" can help my brother to leave the "Maria Nursing Home"!

And as I was not at able to enjoy Christmastime with my wife near our Christmas tree, I spent few hours while I was near my loved brother at "Nursing Home Care", watching three of my fave Xmas flix the last days, that include "Marijuana's Christmas Cultural References", to feel the spirit of Christmas!


Scrooged 1998

Scrooged takes place a few days before Christmas. High-spirited high jinks on Christmas Eve put Cross in a ghostly time warp in this hilarious take-off of "Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol". Scrooged is a perennial favorite because it’s starring the greatest living entertainer on the planet, the pot smoker "Bill Murray", who:

  • Was arrested on September 21, 1970 by Chicago vice cops, charged with possession ten pounds of #Cannabis and sentenced to five years of probation on the misdemeanor conviction.
  • Has landed many #Pot smoker roles in movies, like "Caddyshack" (1980). Here is famous quote from Bill’s character, Karl
The amazing thing about this stuff is you can play holes on it in the afternoon, take it home, and just get stoned to the be-jeezus at night on this stuff. I’ve got pounds of this stuff.


Murray stars as the heartless "Frank Cross", a corporate tightwad in charge of a highly profitable television company, he shuns #Marijuana smoker Claire, played by "Karen Allen", the only woman who's ever cared about him when she tries to provide comfort for the homeless, and finally finds his soul with her help.

"The Three Ghosts" (The Ghost of Christmas past, present and future) visit him and contribute a heartfelt, terrifying message to him, explaining how that he either needs to clean up his act and become a giving, generous man.


A Very Harold & Kumar 3-D Christmas (2011)

It is another "Marijuana's Christmas Cultural Reference", it is the movie that started as a simple "Stoner Trip Comedy", to become something that pushes the limit with every installment, when Harold took the uninspired decision to move everything in silence and ride all over New York along with his old friend, on the eve of Christmas, to find an equally spectacular fir tree to replace the burned one.

Best moment was when Vanessa convinces Kumar not to stop #Weed smoking, while stonedest line was "I Shot Santa Claus. He's Real" - "I gotta stay here and smoke this weed, otherwise I won't get high".


High Holiday (2008)

The "Christmas Tv Episode" (2008) in which Frank, Sanchez and Wade accidentally get #Brownies with cannabis in it in the Christmas party, and do not forget to look for "High Holiday" (2020) of which is (According to IMDB)

In order to lighten up her uptight family, the free-spirited daughter of a conservative politician brings weed-infused salad dressing to Christmas Eve dinner.


In investigating "Maria Nursing Home", I see that the best gift I can give a nursing home-bound friend or a family member is a few minutes of my time, but in the same time any package or gift will make them happy and as 2019 come to end, I believe it is the best moment to take action to make some elderly and disabled people happy, the reason why I will be again offline! "The Untold Truth.." coming soon - Have A #High Weekend...

Thanks For Reading !

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