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Making cannabutter

By @tecnosgirl on 8 Nov 2019.
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I make cannabutter two different ways

Sometimes I use 100% bud and other times I use a bud trim mixture. Yesterday a buddy who gets this really good trim where in a pound of it if you were so inclined you could pick a quarter pound of buds at least out of it if not more. So when he said hey you want a half pound of it I said sure freaking do as I can make butter and tincture out of it and if I was so inclined to I can even pull some buds out of it and smoke it. But no I want this for cannabutter and tincture.

So I took a half pound of trim

And I ground it up and put it in my jars. I weighed out an ounce of trim twice and put each ounce on a cookie sheet to decarbox it. Then I took one ounce and am going to turn it into 15 ounces of my tincture. I double the weight of when using this to make sure it is as strong as my bud tincture. I took the other ounce and infused it into butter.



I double broiler method my butter

I know some who put the water directly in their butter let it cool and the butter floats to the top. I don’t do that I like to keep the water out of my product. When I use bud to make the butter I leave the bud in the butter but since I am using a bud trim mixture I will be filtering most of the plant material out.


One it is strained of the plant material

It is ready to go into jars. If I was using 100% trim I would have only made a pound of butter to the ounce but because it is half bud I am making two pounds. If I was using bud I could make 4 pounds of butter with an ounce. Yes I like my butter stronger side. I picked up some 4 ounce ball jars and I have butter to use or to sell. Locally I can easily get $40 a jar and $50 to $60 if I want to price gouge. I am not a price gouger so I sell it cheaper.

Screenshot_20191108-162459.png I kept taking this photo even with the light on and the flash going off it keeps turning out dark and I am too lazy to pull out my professional camera for this photo.

So today I made cannabutter

I can’t wait to try it out on a piece of toast and see how it turned out. I also made some tincture. I should end up with 15 ounces of that when it is done. Plus yesterday I made up a 4 ounce batch. But I really want to get some more Ever-clear so I can make more of it up this week so I have plenty on hand. As all the sudden I have went from doubling my business last month to triple this month. Which I am very happy about as I have some medical bills to pay off.

Till next time stoners

It’s 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass