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Making Cannabis Infused Venison Jerky

By @goldendawne on 18 Dec 2019.
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Who doesn't love jerky? I know in this house we do; including our dogs. And I had four pounds of venison burger thawed out for this new edible.

I had attempted to make ground burger jerky last year, but I didn't have the "jerky" press tool to aid in this task. But now I do!

jerky done.jpg

The finished product nine hours after being in the dehydrator and cooling down before packaging.



I followed the instructions on the "jerky making tool" and mixed the spices and seasonings with the four pounds of venison burger. Then I divided the meat 25% and 75% so I could make some un-cannabis jerky as well as cannabis infused jerky.

I used the attachment with dual lines (see image below) for the cannabis jerky and just the plain round attachment for the regular jerky. I needed to differentiate the two as the dogs LOVE my jerky and I wanted to make sure they only got the plain.



This handy jerky making tool is awesome! I wish I had gotten it earlier in my life.

After I mixed the ground up (in my mini food processor) cannabis trim and shake with the meat, I let it refrigerate overnight.


The following morning I had two of my three dehydrators up and running! The smell of the cannabis (as well as the liquid smoke I used) wafted through the house; tantalizing me and the dogs ALL day!

Last night after the jerky cooled, I packaged it all (except for the regular) up for hubby to take today for the "guys". This is my little holiday thank you to all of them for being faithful "customers" throughout the year. Each baggie contained 8 pieces of jerky as well as another baggie with two of the holiday gummy treats.



Homemade Jumbo Meat Beef Jerky Maker Gun Nesco Works With Spices Seasoning Kit


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