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Let's Grow: Week 4 Flowering- Planning Ahead

By @goldendawne on 3 Dec 2019.
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As the days pass by, I get to see my newest crop growing, developing and taking shape. The buds have started to form nicely and the plants are creeping taller and taller with each passing day. Warms my heart to see these plants making their way into my life.


Fruit Punch Week 4

I’ve been overwhelmed here with my pending surgery in early January and trying to get as much done as I can. Mr Golden D isn’t too happy that I’ll have a crop going through the harvesting, drying and curing stages at the same time as my surgery.

He is not too schooled in this whole process, as this is my thing, and he’s afraid he’d mess it up.

Normally a surgery wouldn’t halt my growing, but this is a procedure on my left elbow and hand; in which my left arm will be immobilized for about 4-6 weeks. This will definitely make the task (as well as most of my daily life) a challenge. Honestly, I started this grow weeks before I knew of the pending surgery.


White Widow


All the plants are thriving beautifully. Full, bushy and growing towards the light more and more.

I have no doubt this harvest’s end will be the toughest one for me; but I also have confidence it will all work out. I’ll just take my time (probably one handed at times) and trim the cannabis slowly. If I need help, I know my hubby will step up and fill-in where I’m not able to.

I’m also thinking this new crop may be a great recovery aid for me. I don’t like taking pills (not even aspirin or Tylenol because I have little to no faith in the Big Pharma industry), so I can see the White Widow and Super Skunk being my preferred pain relief.

So I’m curious… has anyone had a surgery and used cannabis as your pain reliever during recovery?

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