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Let's Grow It Together Update #24

By @artisto on 23 Oct 2019.
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“What’s new?” Guys!

A quick update on my girls and all thanks to #seedsmanseed . All growing under HPS 600 w, spectacular dual spectrum.

SBG buds looking a bit shiny at day 40 (into 6 weeks) of flowering stage.

57488347_320443418640043_1433583096282036947_n.jpg 59735453_164378781254505_4533917447576526150_n.jpg 58409860_112428079799369_1644617446361379448_n.jpg 57426317_1243567819147896_4215718741354166251_n.jpg 58409786_110787026803196_5339287262189603197_n.jpg 57674268_1528327417299923_7510992356598706619_n.jpg

Alaskan Purple growing good, at day 40 (into 6 weeks) flowering stage

58453770_132628764495183_8536507417263132308_n.jpg 60038773_2212294439100487_5352030217634217723_n.jpg 59352392_290996241842253_3984898772982465763_n.jpg 59414272_586845048477648_5723964877950861816_n.jpg

Strawberry Banana Grape currently at 6 weeks ending period (Day 43). I must admit the smell is so incredible


I am keen to come up again with another grow update of mine.

Happy Smoking!


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