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Lemon OG Kush • 22% THC • By Nature’s Heritage of Maryland • Full Strain Review

By @daddydaycare2x on 17 Oct 2019.
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LEMON OG KUSH #Strain #Review

Maryland Medical Cannabis 🔞 (18+) Reviews by @daddydaycare2x on Smoke.io 💨

Strain Lemon OG Kush

grown by Nature’s Heritage / Maryland purchased at Euphoria Wellness / Maryland

Price Paid $55.00 (USD)

Zoom 🔎 Container
AF13BC62-D23B-4676-B16A-873F27BBFBEB.jpeg 16A1D720-17FB-4E3A-9BF3-F1681D61AEB4.jpeg

Species HYBRID (Indica-dominant)

Genetics 🧬 - Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and The OG #18, Lemon OG

2894EAA4-9E48-4D43-909B-EABF9C262C66.jpeg https://www.leafly.com/strains/sour-lemon-og

Potency 🔋 • 22% THC

Lab Test 🧪


Full Report 📝

• THC 22% • CBG .30% • a-Pinene .11% • b-Pinene .07% • Myrcene .38% • Limonene .13% • Caryophyllene .17% | • Terpinolene .02% • Ocimene .16% • Linalool .06% • Humulene .06% • Trans-Nerolidol .03%


Lemon OG Kush Scent Lemon Skunk

Terpenes | Benefits & Effects | Aroma

--- | --- | --- Myrcene | Anti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antibiotic, Sedative | 🍊🍋 Caryophyllene | Anti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antioxidant, Relaxation | 🍂🌳 Limonene | Anti-Inflammatory, Gastric Reflux, Appetite Control | 🍋 a-Pinene | Anti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antibiotic | 🌲 b-Pinene | Anti-Depressant, Promotes Alertness | 🌲 Terpinolene | Antioxidant, Sedative, Anticancer, Antibacterial | 🍂🌹🍊 Ocimene | Decongestant, Antiviral, Antifungal, Antiseptic | 🌿 Linalool | Anti-Depressant, Anticonvulsant, Pain Relief, Sedative | 🍂🌹🌿



Many people report this strain to make them sleepy. I found it to be a great strain for creating and felt like it enhanced my mood. I felt very light and relaxed almost immediately after smoking this one.

Great cerebral effects and nice calming body buzz. I felt like this was more of a cerebral-energizer that I would expect from a Sativa-dominant cross. I would’ve been fooled by this Indica-leaning hybrid.

Focused and alert with a little extra kick to get over those afternoon brain-farts. Didn’t find it to slow me down, but I also smoked moderately throughout the past two days. Generally, a small bowl for me sets the pace and I like that this strain delivers quick and really has a great euphoric buzz.

Definitely a relieving flower for stress on the mind and body.


First Impression

Beautiful buds and very pungent odor hits you as soon as the lid comes off. Frosty and nicely coated in resin, these buds are photogenic for sure. The buds feel really dank but light, which squish like a sponge in your fingers. It smells really good! I’m impressed.


👅 Flavor & Smell 👃

🍋 + 🌲 + skunk

Very intriguing smell and the citrus, lemon scent definitely carries over into the taste. The lemon really is dominant in this batch and it also carries a skunky-kush with a mild fruit scent. Great tasting smoke and slightly hits in the back of the throat with a light burning sensation from the citrus-lemon. I really am impressed with this bud - looks, smells, smokes wonderfully.


Day or Night ☀️/🌙

In-Da-Couch Level 4 😴

Not a super sedating batch of cannabis, to me at least. So far, great for pain relief. I used it day and night. I didn’t feel like in inhibited my daytime routine. Very relaxing and mind-soothing buzz that might be good for a rainy day or kicking back in the evening for some creative fun.

🚨 Munch Alert ⚠️ HIGH

A mega-munch alert on this one. Hardcore munchie effects with the Lemon OG Kush. I got pretty creative in the kitchen, too. You might find yourself experimenting with new recipes or just facing a bag of chips like a savage.


Final Score:

She’s a keeper! I really enjoy the Lemon OG Kush and it has quickly become a top-ten favorite of mine. It’s a moderate potency level strain that really hits like a champ. You know you just smoked this flower immediately after the first exhale.

🤯 ————————————————————— 🧠

Goes straight to the dome! Very cerebral jolt and a more mellow, calming wave of relaxation follows. It didn’t lock me in the couch and I felt good! I was mobile and moving fluidly, without pain. Overall, I truly enjoy sharing this one because it’s one that I recommend for those looking for a good strain to burn before creative endeavors. Not a bad choice for a day to day go-to if you prefer a balanced hybrid that won’t lock you down during the day.

Quality Score (10/10)
Taste 9️⃣
Smell 9️⃣
Effects 🔟
Terpenes 8️⃣
**Packaging 🔟 BONUS for using glass and NOT plastics 👏

Lemon OG Kush Zoom View

Daddy Daycare 2.0’s 🍩 RATING

🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 (5/5)

this rating, like all ratings, is made up entirely.


This strain goes into my top 10 favorites.

State registered MMCC cardholder. All content of this post was generated, by the author, for educational purposes only.

Please use #Cannabis responsibly and support #legalization through thoughtful & responsible action.

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