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Latest smoke-indica.com changes - related & trending posts

By @indica on 30 Oct 2019.
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I’ve been working on some improvements over the last few days which have recently gone live!

The sidebar now shows posts from trending tags:

At the bottom of article pages, there are now links to posts by the same author & the tags used for the post will have related posts.


  • Improve the selection of posts in the new sidebar & tag sections.
  • Add extra links to the author in the ‘related posts’ section, could potentially show the user’s profile image again.
  • Look into twitter link formatting - some posts have characters which cause a white screen on Twitter rather than the post page.
  • Improve automation of network querying & post generation - requires manual intervention

Interested in some analytics?

Here’s smoke-indica’s google search overview for the last month, showing some great search rankings:

Here’s the last month’s page views:

Got any questions or suggestions?

What smoke network projects are you working on?