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Kennedys Weed Files / Part I

By @lordoftruth on 12 Nov 2019.
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McKeon, who worked for the Kennedys for 12 years, recounts finding marijuana growing on the Kennedy compound in Massachusetts. She got curious when she saw members of the family spending a lot of time at a flower patch. She thought that maybe they were sneaking illicit substances, so she decided to check it out.

She asked former “Cape Cod” police chief to accompany her and he confirmed that it wasn’t flowers that were growing at the spot - it was a familiar green plant that just so happens to be illegal in most states. Once they figured out what the plants were, they decided to tell “Jackie Kennedy” immediately. Once she was informed, Mrs. Kennedy said:

Are you kidding me? Oh my God, this can’t get out. What should we do?

Given the numerous medicinal uses of #Cannabis, JFK’s health problems could have been a factor if either of these things are true, but maybe he just liked to get high but not alone. McKeon never knew who planted the pot, but according to “Caroline Kennedy” biographer “C. David Heyman”, Caroline once took the blame for the plants, “David A. Kennedy” had buried when they were discovered by police.

So, the plants that were pulled up by the Secret Service were later replaced. David’s life was plagued by issues with illicit substances. He passed away in 1984. It is not matter who planted the #Pot, the most important thing, “Kennedy Family” was secretly growing #Weed.

000.jpg Robert Francis Kennedy Jr.

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr.

He was born in Washington, D.C. on Jan 17, 1954. He is the third of eleven children of Senator General "Robert F. Kennedy Sr." and "Ethel Kennedy", and a nephew of President "John F. Kennedy". He serves as president of the board of "Waterkeeper Alliance", a non-profit environmental group that he helped found in 1999.

He grew up at his family’s homes of Hickory Hill in McLean, Virginia and Cape Cod. He was 9 years old in 1963 when his uncle, “President JFK” was assassinated during a political trip to Dallas, and 14 years old in 1968 when his father was assassinated while running for president in the 1968 Democratic presidential primaries.

The activist, environmental attorney, and author was charged with #Marijuana possession at the age of 16 in Hyannis, Massachusetts in the summer of 1970. In separate statements issued by “Mrs. Ethel Kennedy” said that she was distressed to learn of the charges, but that she would stand by her son:

Naturally, I was distressed to learn last night that my son had been charged with possession of marijuana on the 10th of last Month. This is, of course, a matter for the authorities to decide. But Bobby is a fine boy, and we have always been proud of him. I will stand by him. He has never been involved in any such situation before, and I trust he never will be again.


Robert Francis Kennedy Sr. (Nov 20, 1925 – Jun 6, 1968)

More than 50 Years Ago, Robert Francis Kennedy Jr.'s father appeared on NBC’s "Tonight Show" and, in the span of just a few seconds, completely eviscerated the hypocrisy underlying U.S. anti-marijuana laws.

“Robert Francis Kennedy Sr.” was far ahead of his time, especially with regard to the “Narcotics Problem” as it was known then. Imagine if Congress had taken his advice in 1965. He said:

On the whole question of…drugs, we permit…cigarettes which kill far more people every year than marijuana, for instance... But there is tremendous economic power behind those people [tobacco companies] so that we don’t pass laws to deal with that, even though our Department of Health has said that they’re so dangerous. They kill, what, 350,000 people a year.


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