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Just Bought my First (Small) Chunk of Smoke and Powered Up

By @killthecrap on 12 Oct 2018.
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Hello Smokers

How are you doing today? I was looking for a way to buy some Smoke Power and then I found this extremely useful tutorial by @otemzi and managed to get myself some Smoke. I bought a small amount, mainly to check how the platform works and to find out if I can transfer the funds successfully. Now I am already convinced that I will be adding some more Smoke Power to my account soon.


Now, I know that's a really small amount, however I will do my best to contribute to the community and support people by upvoting their work. I see true potential and I already love this platform.

On to the next one!

Question What can we do as a community to get Smoke listed on Binance? Let this be one of the topics of discussion! Looking forward to reading your suggestions.

Stay High and see you around!