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It's Another Harvest Day!

By @ggardener09 on 24 Dec 2019.
Tags: grow, greenherb, autoflower, strains,
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*Hi all! This is G Gardener.*
*Gardening has been real fun to me, i love it and it makes me complete, especially caretaking the magical green herb.*

*Hello everyone.. Merry christmas, it was harvest day yesterday of two white rhinos and one jeddie cookies.* 75324998_961035370932413_929655176774197668_n.jpg 74954866_449688729266020_9113730323683426573_n.jpg 71907699_2402266883435909_2564647654017230930_n.jpg 72898284_3221290214579107_99447787404650253_n.jpg

These ladies looks pretty much on fire 73527671_163458714899412_3233650572197180873_n.jpg 75333930_427159921554720_3594328605520671131_n.jpg 75360978_228444701475999_2977591591402359617_n.jpg 72267440_1008903092781405_5140705764668578628_n.jpg

Jeddie cookies on the middle and white rhinos on each side 72343185_850978551971569_4943650552500415082_n.jpg 68944384_153833962536857_7885944867509602307_n.jpg

Proper, smells great and i think iwe are on the right track 73414159_114383736469420_3261708378988236378_n.jpg 73295876_426651564946415_7512859000645191448_n.jpg 72070571_436416183916443_4936719176672585597_n.jpg

Enjoy everyone and i really hope we will be high altogether :)

Next update very soon regarding these beautiful buds. Please keep following!

ggardener banner final.jpg

Thanks for your time :)

greenherb #autoflower #strains