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ISO. New Find, New Favorite

By @potspoon on 14 Oct 2019.
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On Friday night at the new Columbia Care dispensary—I found this special treat 😋

ISO 8-22%



This 70/30 #Indica dominant strain’s most highlighted feature (as I experienced it) is how quickly I felt stress leave my body.

I’m use to the effects of my medical cannabis hitting my head first…but this sunk in to my body and REEEEAAALLLY gave me what I needed this morning.


Using this strain, personally, for: —Anxiety/Depression/Stress —Pain, Inflammation, Arthritis

But you can see above, this strain supports symptoms of a wide variety.


Our labels are limits, as this dispensary also does not provide additional information relation to terpenes. Why they don’t do it at Columbia Care? I’m not sure—they said they plan to.

At First State Compassion, they get their products tested by a 3rd party company that doesn’t offer (or charges more most likely) for the terpenes breakdown.

Although I have noticed that the different strains from this dispensary look fairly similar saladbowl post, the high from this ISO is pretty distinguished.


The taste is light & airy with no super strong flavor profiles (that I can pick up). I catch the citrusy aftertaste.


I smoked this ISO from a dirty dirty bong. If I wasn’t so lazy I MIGHT be embarrassed. Either way I will clean my bong ASAP.

After just 2-3 hits I felt a significant amount of physical relief.

It started between my shoulder blades. Relaxing my shoulders, neck, jaw.


As the rips continue, the effects spread up the back of my neck making my head feel light and empty. As well as expands down past my belly, giving it a little turn if excitement, and I feel it working through my tense muscle soreness and joint junk.


The parts of my body that were tense or achy are now relaxed and calm.

Imagine your thoughts written on papers. One thought per paper. And you are walking down the street and a HUGE gust of wind comes and all those papers with all those thoughts are now dancing all over with this wind! You try to chase them down, stomping on some with your feet, clapping your hands together to get ones you can reach in the air. You are collecting crumbled, ripped, torn half thoughts and partial thoughts while all your other throughs are flying WILDLY all around you!

That is my mind most days.

That IS NOT my mind now.

Foe the next 20-90 mins after taking a couple bong hits, I relaxed in my couch. Drank my coffee. And checked in w/ myself and all those thoughts. ONE at a time.




FULL VIDEO REVIEW: https://youtu.be/xZcg0SpIiuc