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Iron Mike - Tyson Ranch & Marijuana Resort

By @lordoftruth on 9 Sep 2019.
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In the classic gangster movie Scarface 1983 directed by Brian De Palma and written by Oliver Stone, Elvira (Michelle Pfeiffer) gives Tony (Al Pacino), a much-needed lesson in weed dealing “Don’t get high on your own supply.” Tony didn’t listen, and it didn’t end well for him.

Iron Mike who became one of the biggest players in the #Marijuana game, has a similar disregard for the rules, but seeing as how his weed of choice is legal, his prospects are much brighter. He revealed he and his pals smoke about $40,000 every month at the Tyson Ranch, the #Cannabis company founded by him in the Mojave Desert.

Tyson Smokes Thousands of Dollars of Weed a Month

Tyson & Weed

Iron Mike in The Smokebox discusses how smoking marijuana helped him before the Andrew Golota fight, training under fentanyl and the benefits of cannabis.

Tyson - The Smokebox

With weed legalized in the state of California, the former heavyweight champion seems to have found peace and purpose in consumption and advocation of marijuana. He is just one of the many high-profile people that are helping to expand the popularity of the cannabis plant that has been made illegal by governments for decades, who punched his way into the cannabis industry as both the medicinal and recreational varieties continue to attract more consumers and producers.

22.jpg Tyson Smokes Huge Joint At Weed Festival

Tyson Ranch

Tyson opens his eyes in the morning, reaches for his lighter, sparks a joint, runs for an hour on the treadmill, showers, dresses, and eats some oatmeal, egg whites, and broccoli while he waits for the car that will take him to the office.

The office is where blessings come into his life and where he checks out some meetings, checks on some deals, smokes a few joints under a giant black and white photograph of himself surveying an expanse of desert where he will someday open the door of the Weed Resort!

Tyson is enjoying a lot of what he’s growing, he has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to the cannabis he puts his name on. He promises to will deliver the best the plant has to offer in every single one of Tyson Ranch products as each product is meticulously inspected and tested for impurities at every stage of the growing, curing, and packing process, to ensure “Better Cannabis”.

01.jpg Tyson Ranch

Marijuana Resort

Tyson is planning to open a 420 acre luxury Marijuana Resort, that will include a festival venue and the world’s longest lazy river, which will apparently take an hour to float down. There are even plans for a hotel apparently in the early stages. It will also include Tyson University, that will be dedicated to teaching cannabis growing techniques to would-be farmers. Tyson will also use the ranch for research purposes as he dedicates himself to his new business venture.

22.jpg Marijuana Resort

According to GQ, you will be able to smoke anywhere on the Californian plot, but marijuana will not be available to buy on the site. Work started on the ranch near Desert Hot Springs in 2017. In an interview with Cannabis Tech Today, he outlined his vision

I thought about how much good I could do by helping people with cannabis. It was a no brainer.

Tyson & Marijuana Resort

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