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Integrated Notifications On Smoke.io & Mobile Portal - 🤔 Ideas For A Harmonious Smoking Experience🤔

By @d00k13 on 25 Nov 2019.
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Something I Think Would Help Onboard & Retain Users

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I am full of ideas and vocal on the fact we need unity to make the needed change happen to bring any good idea to life!

What I am not is a developer 😅 I wish to learn but let's face it wishing for something doesn't make it a reality. Thought at some point, who knows when, I will start working on and releasing things of my own for now I wish to share my ideas and maybe some brilliant coder could whip it into existence for us!

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@Mentions & Other Notifications

A Not So Simple, Simple Minded Idea

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What Is Missing? I thought to myself the other day... what did I miss??? ohh snap 🤔 our notification bot is down.... found out through @unnamed its not an open source project 🤦‍♂️

@Mentions, the one thing missing from Smoke.io without an addon.... this seems like a designed for UI simplicity oversight... I know from many of the Smoke sistersites that a notifications feed can be included on the main sites interface... why don't we have it? I don't know if anyone has posted about this or proposed an idea in the past so let me outline what I'm thinking...

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Notifications Feed

A Short Explanation, on the main Smoke.io page we have a little icon between compose and search which shows a number badge(or atleast changes color) expressing you have notifications. Within the main settings page we have an option to set which notifications show in feed, mentions, comments, votes, possibly even alerts for posts by specific authors.... maybe even active witness specific notifications?

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Mobile Use Case

Future Use Case, notifications and alerts are great for mobile users.... much of the internet is consumed by "in between time" mobile users or in countries where mobile is primarily the easiest means... Building out two complete dApps for Android and iOS would be a major project especially if trying to keep everything harmonious with the main smoke.io front end.

My thoughts on this brings me to Steemify a app for the Steem Blockchain which does notifications and when clicking them simply portals you to the requested page in your mobile browser where the mains smoke.io site is what you use anyways.... this should be fairly simple to build for both Android and iOS since only the main app page displaying the feed of notifications needs any real design work. Best solution is no keys are required in App... how this would work for the feed maybe the mobile app has its own ability just like steemify to have a wide array of customizations and monitor just about anything!

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Why This Harmonious Method?

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We are ever increasingly moving into a world where the home PC is obsolete and I see the mobile sector as one many of the #crypto blogging platforms are having difficulty entering... examples I can list with first hand experience are all from the Steem blockchain, SteepShot(long gone as people lost interest and development slowed) - Partiko(dead but was the best mobile experience ever) - eSteem(iOS sucks and does not handle all markdown well) - Android DTube Player(dead after DTube testnet)... so far only one really shows promise currently but this aint about promoting that app 😉

The Problem I See is that they all take an over complicated approach to what they are attempting to tackle while the blockchain continues to evolve and the userbase falls further behind in trying to comprehend how each individual mobile application handles something as simple as markdown.

The Solution Is Harmony, why force your user base to experience the same content in multiple different layouts and formats? In my mind this is the first step in segregation and creating individual communities that then cut lines in the sand and pick sides.... the dApps are in competition and its users are the means to success or failure therefore creating a culture around each individual "portal to the blockchain" and their users loyalties. I say fuck the personal fame and glory while gaining a free ride on a projects users and potential income, lets do this One Love style! Build it or Buy it the means to the results don't matter to me but integration from mobile to the main smoke.io in a harmonious way will be the one I support.

Mobile Push Notifications are something I really miss since the discord bot went down.... I like knowing when someone mentions me.... I like to know the moment my favourite author posts.... I am curious to see who resmokes my posts.... I would love to get a ring on my phone each time my witness misses a block.... would be good to know when someone is devoting my witness....

What Do You Think? Can Notifications Be Made A Reality?

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Has The Idea Of Being A Witness Crossed Your Mind? For me it started as a desire to learn if I could do it.

Maybe It's Time To Run That Idea Out? I for one will be certain to support in any way I can the new witnesses in their efforts to help maintain the blockchain... hit us up in discord 👌

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