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I’m Trying CBD-a

By @eveuncovered on 27 Oct 2018.
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I have been doing some research into CBD and CBD-a for their possible anti-inflammatory and other health benefits. I don’t necessarily have a need to get high, but I would like the health benefits of cannabis, which for my very limited knowledge, are mainly in the CBD compounds, and not the THC.

Cannabis is illegal in Finland, but the law seems to be a bit unclear on the products that only contain CBD. I was trying to find out some concrete info but everything I found was seconds hand information, nothing that could hold up in court.

I don't know why but I couldn't find any stores that are Finnish that sell CBD, but there are several that sell CBD-a. From what little I have read into it, CBD-a is a pure form of CBD, naturally found in the cannabis plant, and it turns into CBD when heated or process in the body.

When I was in the UK last month, I bought a little bottle of CBD oil and used it up in about a month, but I wasn’t taking it every day. I didn’t see or feel any difference in my body while using it. I understand that a month is not a long time and the effects might only be noticed with longer use, so I can’t make a decition purely based on that.

A few days ago I ordered capsules of CBD-a from a health store in Finland, and I’m going to take one capsule every day and see if I notice anything. I might even buy another months worth to try it longer, not sure yet.

I would be really interested in hearing if there are people here that have taken CBD-a for a longer time and could tell me if it’s any good or just a waste of money.



Have you ever used CBD-a in any form and what are your experiences with it?