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By @grahamsvorten on 9 May 2020.

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So like everybody else, I decided to take one of the available jobs in the new world order ....if you tend to smoke weed


and like go to as many restaurants as possible to eat World class, small batch local food ....obviously you should be doing Food delivery. ...I’m not going to reveal the group I’m working with because the money is lousy lol


instead I’d like to focus on all the restaurants that I go to often, that I think are doing a really good job. Locally owned neighborhood favorites, that In spite of the current set of difficulties to stay in business, are putting out a superior product and serving the people in their neighborhood.

While doing door hash or Dub-hub, ( uber eats is for losers ) the obvious thing to do is smoke weed listen to music and eat high quality take out, while waiting for all those orders to be prepped for delivery.


So there you have it.

Today we’re over here at the 50 kitchen in Boston’s section of Dorchester I just got two calls for this place so it must be doing something right

So this place has an amazing menu a sort of Southern infused Asian fusion, But the backstory is fascinating as well to this popular restaurant, recently opened up in January of 2020


So the story the owner, 10 years ago was at his “rock bottom” and with a severe alcohol problem.


Against all odds, he was able to quit alcohol and through the hard work he had done as well time spent healing in his church community and while working hard in school toward his culinary career goals, he won a local contest and in a miraculous way, is now the owner of one of the top restaurants in the Boston area and Let me tell you It smells Incredible in here.

I’m about to call and go back for an order of the jambalaya eggroll but there’s also chicken decisions like “with waffles” or “Satay”.


For dessert though, The last of this wedding cake


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