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How we harvest cbd hemp flower

By @dumbfounddead on 27 Oct 2019.
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I wanted to show you around our hemp farm a bit and show you how our CBD hemp flower is harvested.

Our Elektra CBD Hemp Flower has finally been cured and harvested it.

I want to take you through the whole process and show you how we harvest our CBD Hemp Flower.

First, let’s look at the final product. That’s what we all came to see.



The interesting part of Elektra is that it can show many different phenotypes. On a field, it can grow as green or purple, sometimes even with hints of red or orange.


You can see how frosty the hemp plants become right before harvest.

We’re located in Southern Oregon inside the Rogue Valley. This time of year is absolutely beautiful with the stunning mountain backdrops.

Next we have to cut down and dry the plants. You can see how we hang dry them.


You can really see the differences between the colors even though it’s all the same strain.

Then we buck the flower from the major stems. This allows us to separate the hemp stalks away from the hemp buds

Take a look at the stalks after we separate them.


These can actually be used for their hemp fiber. We’re actually sending these to a paper manufacturer!

Then we get the trimmed flower. Not a lot of people have seen fresh untrimmed hemp flower.

Take a look!

untrimmed flower.JPGThe last step is to trim the flower and then you have our final product!