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How Late is too Late to Top?

By @elamental on 26 Jul 2019.
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As I have noticed more and more of my friend's have not been properly topping their plants this season (which resulted in me topping plants for all of them yesterday), along with the fact that a couple of my plants have gotten so big they are outgrowing my back fence that is over 6 ft. tall, I decided to pose a question to the community...

How late in the growing season is too late to top cannabis plants in your outdoor garden??

Or more simply put On what date does the start of flower occur in the northwest region of the United States (northern Oregon)??

If my mind serves me correctly, then I remember signs of flower happening around mid-August, which would be just enough time to squeeze in one more topping. Where do you guys pinpoint it?


I also wanted to mention just how astounded I was to see how much these plants have grown in just a short 25 days. They went from about a foot and a half to over 6 ft! Check the video for more details and a demonstration.

From July 25th 2019

Click pic below to play video https://youtu.be/-1LbaczsJLs

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