How Africans Use Weed For The Management Of Erectile Dysfunction

By @oluwastoner on 18 Nov 2019.

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Image source For those who don’t know what erectile dysfunction is or the extent at which ED has affected men globally, let me do you the favour of explaining in details.

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction(ED) is a deficiency that affects men in such a way that they won’t be able to keep an erection to have sexual intercourse. People often refer to it as Impotence. The disease isn’t uncommon as about 200 million men worldwide struggle with ED and over 30 million American men. Most Africa men also have ED but it is something that is being stigmatized so they do not talk about it. In Nigeria, people believe if you are impotent you have used your male genitalia for money rituals or your wife have bewitched you, so has to remain faithful and for this reasons, "Africa MEN" do not want to talk about having ED at all.

However, many other Africa men have been able to confide in Africa traditionalist to help them with their ED problem, since they believe it is a spiritual issue already. Many of this spiritual herbalist prepare herbal concoction for the men to use and one of the significant plants is CANNABIS. A good example is the people of Western Guinea; these people prescribe cannabis to their ED patients by telling them to smoke it little by little(microdose). A study was published in 2005 of how cannabis is used with numerous plants to manage sexual dysfunctions by smoking it in western Guinea.

Just for you to know, Cannabis is the only illegal drug in Guinea and it is produced in a large amount. It is mostly for medical purpose and for exportation to Australia while some report showed that cannabis had been exchanged for weapons in Guinea.

Research carried out with the hope to find Negative effects of cannabis for sex:

Many research carried out by scientist was done with the hope that they will be able to link cannabis to negative effects like sexual dysfunctions, promiscuity and lack of interest in sex but fortunately, they got to know that cannabis had a more positive effect on people who used it for sex.

Ronald A. Weller and James A. Halikas attempted to determine the negative effects of cannabis on sexual behaviour but instead, they found out that cannabis can be used to facilitate sexual desire. Their research was published in the Journal of Sex Research in 1984. Dr. Wayne C. Koff in 1974 also found that cannabis led to increased sexual motivation.

The Irish physician William O’Shaughnessy noted in 1843 that a single formulation was “most fascinating in its effects, producing ecstatic happiness, a persuasion of high rank, a sensation of flying, voracious appetite, and intense aphrodisiac desire.”

A new study carried out with about fifty thousand adults who responded to the annual national survey of family growth asked a different question Do cannabis users have more sex than non-users? The results showed that women who used cannabis either monthly, weekly, or daily had frequent sex than those who did not and men also had similar results too.

Researcher Dr Richard Balon of Wayne State University found that cannabis actually has a two-way effect on sexual functions. That at low dosage, it can enhance sexual arousal, but at high dosage, it might make sex less enjoyable and can lead to ED or a total lack of sex.


  1. Cannabis was also used in conjunction with sex in India in about 700 CE. Researcher Dr Michael Aldrich called it “an explosive mingling”
  1. Vikings who worshipped the Norse goddess Freya also partake in cannabis/magic mushrooms as an aphrodisiac. Freya the God of love was related to hemp, so during the harvest time annually, cannabis flowers were used and seductive ceremonies were held in her name.
  2. A 1975 paper by anthropologist Sula Benet shows that cannabis was used in Soviet Russia in the 1930s both as an aphrodisiac and for pain relief.
  3. Lambs fats mixed with cannabis to create a concoction called Nasha was given to the bride in Russia at the evening of their wedding to ease the pain of first sexual intercourse. Women would sometimes add tobacco to another Nasha-like substance and apply it to the inside of their vaginas to make them tighter.


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