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HOLY SHIT ! ....... Shocking Worm Attack On The Green Poison Buds Shortly Before Harvest !

By @indaymers on 16 Sep 2019.
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Hey Guys!

Today has been a shock!!!

The flushing of the 2 Green Poison started 4 days ago and I was meaning to harvest both at the end of the coming week. I was really shock at what I saw during inspection of the buds…I found some worms lurking at the buds of the smaller plant. Panicking, I inspected more buds and I found there were other worms. They look like small caterpillar although they are brown which seemed to have just started to get bigger. There were not much of them perhaps around 5, probably they just hatched since they were still small.


Surprised Harvest

I had to harvest the top buds where I found them.. although the flushing is still going on and I need at least 4 more days. I thought, it´s better to harvest now before they damage the whole buds overnight.


Trimming Process

I put the branch in this vase to inspect more if there were worms… after which I brought it in the kitchen to do the trimming. The worms I found were located in the inner most part of the buds so I inspected this lot and found 2 more. I think the hatch happened yesterday, I do inspect the buds daily and I didn´t see any worm yesterday afternoon. They grow so fast when they are hatched so I have to cut down the top branch immediately…I will cut more today if necessary, otherwise I could continue the flushing process.


Remedy- Eradicating The Worms

I only cut the leaves below to see if there are more worms lurking in between the leaves, they are not yet done, but I think I save this lot. The rest of the plant would have to be inspected to insure that there are no worms anymore.. If so, I intend to blanch the buds in a hot water ( maybe at 40°C , in just seconds) to be sure the worms would surface on the top of the water. I do not think that the hot water would do damage to the buds, they might get a temp shock but I think that´s all. I would quickly hang them in an airy window for them to get dry… then I will start the trimming process.

I´ll keep you posted and an update will follow..... In the meantime....

… keep puffin´ for a high!

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