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Holidays SmokeLog, 15th of August

By @psyceratopsb on 15 Aug 2019.
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This part of series is going to be a little bit different than usual logs.

Holiday mode is on! …and we are on the trip, road trip. Not sure how and when I’ll report, but there will be, hopefully some glances. I will back it up, as usually with  pictures and gifs from my #nugporn, smoke-sessions, smoke-spots and few lines of text from my #life. Hope you enjoy reading it. If you like, post in comments  pictures of your smoke sessions and #smokelog


Morning friends. Just woke up, made a coffee and decided to put up log from yesterday. But, first things first. We woke up today and I went on balcony to see how it is outside. Coffee and spliffs were made and when I came to the balcony we had good reason to stay there. Hope our hosts wont mind. We wouldn’t if we had a baby like this.

IMG_20190815_085823.jpg IMG_20190815_085835.jpg
Wife prefers to smoke just hash and I made a mix for myself.


Now, back to yesterday. It started like today, but we didn’t know about plant so we made coffee and went down to smoke and make plans on what to visit and how to plan the day. Some soret of residential area. It was around 11 o’clock. No need for me to check the time that often. Since you asked, it was mix of green and brown.

IMG_20190814_102952.jpg IMG_20190814_103935.jpg


After looking around, walking, driving and visiting few places it was time to rest. By the background of a pic you might recognise where we sat. As you read, wife and hash so I brought only hash.


We walk a lot, so you need to be mindful of carbs you spend and the ones you intake as well as rehydration.
20190814_181408.gif 20190814_181303.gif

I don’t know what, but there is something about this picture that makes it so nice and appealing.


Last spot before going home was amazing. We came just half hour before dusk and went…as you can see. It is hard to show through this shitty lense how it looked like, but you can imagine having whole city on your hands, almost like 360° view.

20190814_232915.gif 20190814_232958.gif

This might be top smokespots, with Cliffs, perhaps sharing first place. Stunning.


IMG_20190814_230347.jpg IMG_20190814_231228.jpg

After coming home, to conclude the day as we started it, on the street coffee, chitchat and sleep. We will see what today brings us. Some acid perhaps?


Smoke ON, Stress OFF!


Stay positive, THC positive! 

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