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Hey Smokers! What Are Your Plans Moving Into 2020??? My Goal Was Accomplished This Year #Witness-Update

By @d00k13 on 30 Dec 2019.
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In The Smoke Network I Trust

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What a year across the entire crypto space it has been! From the inevitable scams to revolutionary developments the cryptoverse has been keeping me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Seems like that was what was missing from my life for so long, that thing to be excited about! Now I find my focus shifting ever so slightly, day by day, looking towards the things I enjoy following vs the things everyone else is… sure the hype of crypto is how I found my way here but its the joy of creation I found during the process of researching witnesses that keeps me here!

It’s hard to explain… I found crypto when my buddy passed and while looking for a distraction I remembered I had bitcoin in a wallet(long lost) which lead me to mining. Invested in a mining rig(now witness) then found STEEM a coin that cannot be mined and thought that was cool. I started then into my Journey of Creation discovering the therapeutic outlet I had never known before with a simple goal of understanding how DPOS and the graphene blockchain rewards witnesses and becoming one. I may never have accomplished that goal of becoming a STEEM witness but I believe my life has lead me to becoming the witness I was meant to be from the get go on Smoke.io!

258A8143-9562-41F5-9158-AA2FCD6D6672.png4 am, Almost Time For A Joint!!!

WOW!!! 459 days, 691 Posts/Comments, 48K Smoke Power later and I still find myself enjoying this platform over others. Though my activities have not reflected it much over this last year, disappearing on you, my focus has been shifting away from the earning’s of posting towards the enjoyment. That shift in focus relates to my lifestyle which includes consuming large amounts of Cannabis and sadly I have found no where is welcoming as here on the subject matter…

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Quick 2019 Recap

  • Became a Smoke Witness
  • Made it into Top10 Witnesses
  • Launched #420FreeWrite with a great response (relaunch in new year)
  • Received Sponsorship for the #420FreeWrite
  • Tried starting Smoke Power Up Day with a Rudex Rush (try again in the new year)
  • Made Promotional Graphics(ongoing)
  • Purchased 20k Smoke & Powered Up
  • Unlocked Vote Slider
  • Won 2019 Smoke.io NugPorn Book
  • Made a ton of friends
  • Stirred @unnamed’s pot 😘
  • Started Social Media Promotion
  • Started making promotional tutorial videos (#smokecryptominute)
  • Learned SO MUCH

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Preparing For The New Year

I do a lot I am told… maybe this year will be the year I focus on something… I did go and pickup a few things today that relate to that very thing and making sure I keep it all backed up and safe. Grabbed a backup drive, waterproof light, selfie light and clip on camera lenses for my phone.

  • Since I always seem to be smoking around this time, 4 am LOL, I figured a selfie light might help for those epic stoner shots!
  • Needed the backup drive to clear space on my All-In-One, hopefully freespace will fix issues of rendering crashes and if not I can then turn it into a Hackintosh. I am having issues rendering my #420freewrite videos with the higher end software I purchased 🤦‍♂️
  • GoPro light because action vlogging is my passion!
  • Lenses so I may take some better nugporn shots 🤞

Moving into 2020 I need to really think about time management yet my desire to create and post complicates every aspect of my journey. Over this last year I have neglected many things in the pursuit of creation and I cannot let that continue into the new year. This simply means I need to focus in a direction and stop spreading myself too thin and neglecting things like my #420freewrite…

#420FreeWrite in 2020

I had been hoping to get one my RL friends interested in running the @OneLoveSmoke witness and hosting the #420FreeWrite but sadly as soon as I started talking details I could tell by the glazed over eyes it was over his head… he may help with the contest and upvotes/engagements through the OneLove account but will not be doing much else… Not certain if I will launch on the @OneLoveSmoke account or not at this point… I like the idea of keeping it separate from my blog allowing me to participate and continue on with other aspects of Smoke.io promotion without making it difficult to find the contest… anyways I purchased 4K Smoke sitting in my account ready to go with only needing to get the previous creative rewards(working on rendering complications now) put together before launching in the new year… Thank You too all those who participated previously, I am excited to read your amazing writings once more!!!

I will make it happen in the first week of 2020!!!
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What Are Your Plans For 2020?

Thinking about your next grow? Trying a new strain? Finding an epic blazing spot? Road trip? Vacation? Meetups? Ground breaking medicinal discovery? Get high everyday? … or what have you … What are your plans for your Cannabis Journey In 2020?

Other than continuing forwards with my witness and trying to get some collaborative action on the @OneLoveSmoke witness my plans are to manage my time better while focusing on still creating the content I love… hone my skills… be the best that I can be and possibly pickup some sponsorships for doing cannabis related unboxing… I really don’t have any big plans for 2020 other then witnessing Smoke Moon 😉

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Has The Idea Of Being A Witness Crossed Your Mind? For me it started as a desire to learn if I could do it.

Maybe It’s Time To Run That Idea Out? I for one will be certain to support in any way I can the new witnesses in their efforts to help maintain the blockchain… hit us up in discord 👌

Join The Smoke.io Discord Here

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