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Here we grow again update 8

By @tecnosgirl on 27 Aug 2019.
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So it has been 12 days since my last update

I don't know how I let so many days go by without an update but it is what it is. The oldest plant is now in the flowering tent and has been in there since the last update. She is starting to bud and so far looks like a female though we all know the first two weeks in the flowering tent anything can happen one day they can look female and boom a branch turns male or hermie. Hopefully she stays female as I am staggering this grow to make sure nothing passes my eye on that front. Last grow I missed a branch that got stressed and turned male. Not looking to repeat that.

Screenshot_20190826-204702.png Gorilla Glue Screenshot_20190826-204721.png




The veg tent

The bushy girl will be going into the flowering tent next. I plan to trim some of her fan leaves before she goes into the flowering tent but only after I give her a few days to recover from the stress of trimming those fan leaves off. The kush in the solo cup is recovering nicely and will be transplanted into a big bucket in the next week or two.

Screenshot_20190826-204634.png The bushy girl is Gorilla Glue, the one next to her is Gorilla Cookies Screenshot_20190826-204648.png The Kush Strain

I messed up my next germination

Being sick and having emergency surgery had me forgetting to check it. It did germinate but got so dry it died before it got started. But that's okay. Take two begins this week. So hopefully take two of the Passion Fruit is successful.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass