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Here we grow again update 5

By @tecnosgirl on 23 Jul 2019.
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The oldest girl that I am letting do her own thing

Is nearly ready for the flowering tent. Another ten days and she will be ready to move into the other tent. I am excited for the next stage to begin. For those catching up this grow I am staggering each plant so no accidental stress happens that turns any branches into males and if it does happen I can snip it before it can pollinate.


The Low Stressed training girl

Is 14 days behind the tall girl. Before she will be moved into the flowering tent. I am really digging how bushy she is becoming. I am trying different methods of growing this time too besides the staggering growth plan. That way I can try out many different methods and see what Iike the best.



The Gorilla Cookies

Will be going into it's final grow bucket this week. Likely tomorrow or Wednesday depending on how much time I end up with. I also have the Kush still growing but somehow I forgot to take a photo of it and am too lazy to go open the tent again.


Will be germinating the Passion Glue this week

The final strain I will be growing is my own accidental creation which I am calling Passion Glue it is a cross between Passion Fruit and Gorilla Glue after much research I haven't found this crossed bred before so that is the name I have chosen for this strain. @relaylogix was sent some of those seeds and made my seeds look sexy.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20.somewhere so puff puff pass