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Here we grow again update 3

By @tecnosgirl on 28 Jun 2019.
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So I transfered the girls into new containers

I am now going to start low stress training them. But I wanted to give a new update on the changes. Both of the plants that were in the solo cups are now in their final grow buckets. The start in my peat pot is now in a solo cup to gain a better root system before it is transplanted into it's final grow bucket.

Screenshot_2019-06-28-16-04-47-1.png gorilla glue Screenshot_2019-06-28-16-04-44-1.png gorilla cookies

Humidity changes

When you upgrade the growing space the humidity rises as you start using more water. This was no different and my dehumidifer needs recharged. So I opened the tent up a little bit to let out some of the humidity while I wait for dehumidifer to recharge. It jumped up higher than I aim for. As I aim to stay between 50-60% humidity during veg stage and 40-50% during flowering or lower. Seeing it in the 70% meant opening up the tent to get the humidity down to an acceptable level.


One hour later with the tent partly open to vent the humidity out


Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass and stay tuned for my update on low stress training. Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a big joke on me and I don't screw them up as I never tried LST before.